Have you ever felt self-conscious eating a juicy hamburger in public, and therefore you ordered just a drink or salad instead? Well, this is a very real problem for women in Japan where it is considered extremely impolite for women to open their mouths wide to eat. Thus one hamburger chain designed the "Liberation Wrapper" to allow women to hide their "sloppy" eating behind the image of a polite smile.

The wrapper claims to release women from "the spell of ochobo", or the preference for small mouths in Japanese women and the expectation that they cover their mouths while they eat.

Apparently, the wrapper has been successful at encouraging women to eat hamburgers in public, as Fresh Burger said that sales of the Classic Burger to women were up by 213% one month after its introduction.

Watch the video below for an explanation and demonstration of this ingenious invention:

What do you think of this design? Is it fair to expect women, but not men, to eat this kind of food discretely? Comment below!