chicken_nuggest_&_barbecue_sauce_002 Japanese netizens were horrified by images of American school lunches that showed up on the Japanese Naver Matome site. The snapshots were of greasy food slopped over plastic lunch trays. The reaction was based on the fact that most school lunches in Japan (and Asia in general) promote healthy eating and are comprised of lots of vegetables and low-fat foods. Despite the acknowledgement that a nutritious diet is key to properly nourishing the growing bodies of children, budget cuts among other reasons have made it nearly impossible for the U.S. to provide healthy, non-over-processed foods to schools.  Students in Japan are educated about what they are eating for the day and why each item on their plate is good for them. Here are some of the snapshots that earned the criticisms of Japanese netizens. First up, we have the classic Macaroni and cheese with a side of preserved fruit and milk: macandcheese Up next we have "Great, dinosaur chicken nuggets!" with Rice Krispies and tater tots. And what looks like eggs and a side of ketchup. lunches_626_article The image above of the pizza and fries was taken from a blog post with the title "Congress has decided to count pizza as a vegetable" to which the writer comments "Yes." pizza1-300x225 This one was labeled "Pretzels and broccoli"... somewhat nutritious? 3493249357_545deebfdf_b And last but not least, the Foot-long Hot Dog. One foot is about 30 cm, which the writer compares to a ruler. Footlong_Hotdog Netizens were disgusted by these pictures, and questioned why all the food was one color. Do you agree with the netizens? Stay tuned for more school lunch updates as we share what is being served in Japanese and Korean cafeterias!