For the past couple of months, police in Kyoto, Japan have been attempting to track down anyone who owns a pair of the controversial shoes that contain a built-in camera.  Ever since their release, the camera shoes have been the subject of scrutiny because of their ability to film inappropriate places like up women's skirts. 

The camera is hidden in the toe area of the shoe and is operated by a remote control. The authorities have been been appearing at shoe owners' houses, where they have been asking to confiscate the sketchy footwear.

The police estimate that roughly 2,500 pairs of the camera shoes (sold from 2012-2014) exist in the area, and through a previous raid of a store where the shoes were sold, the authorities were able to obtain 1,500 addresses of customers who purchased the item. 

The manager of the store that sold the camera shoes was arrested for "aiding voyeurism." 

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