Ever gotten out of bed in the morning and craved some crunchy potato chips? No? Well, neither have I, but many have, I'm sure. And now, those potato chip lovers who happen to live in Japan can go to bed knowing that when they wake up the following morning, their cravings for both chips and a proper breakfast can be satisfied at the same time with these brand new Toast and Milk-flavored potato chips!

I understand . . . by this point, strange flavors of potato chips, snacks, ice cream, and drinks that come out of Japan don't surprise us anymore. When it comes to coming out with new flavors, we know that Japan is nonstop, with snack companies introducing new and odd flavors pretty much every season. But this time, even Japanese consumers don't know what to think of Koikeya's new Toast and Milk flavored potato chips.

Koikeya should know a thing or two about snacks. They are, after all, Japan's second biggest manufacturer of yummy snacks, known not only for their long-running standard potato chips, but for their experimental and playful flavors as well, as witnessed by their recent Strawberry Shortcake-flavored Christmas chips for the 2015 holiday season. Like all companies from Japan, the company stresses high quality, announcing that the butter used in the toast flavor comes from up north in Hokkaido, which is known for its delicious dairy products. As for the milk chips, the company has made sure that the crisps have just as much calcium in them as one would expect in a glass of milk. So you see, these new flavors aren't just a gimmick. It's for all the folks who want to eat chips for breakfast, and still kind of get proper nutrition! 

Personally, I enjoy white rice, fermented beans, pickles, miso soup, and some green tea for breakfast. And at this rate, I'll probably be able to eat all that in a bag of Koikeya chips some time in the near future. Meanwhile, the Toast and Milk flavors will hit shelves across Japan on May 30th.

Itadakimasu! (Bon appétit!)




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