While in Paris for one of his stops in his six nation tour of Europe, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe of Japan was taken to the Japan Cultural Institute, where he was shown the current Evangelion exhibit.

Politicians are busy people. Besides governing, they have places to go, people to meet and greet, and a lot of public appearances to make. But when Prime Minister Abe was in Paris a few days ago, one of the stops on his schedule included a visit to an art exhibit. It is Paris, after all.

Abe, with reporters and photographers in tow, toured the Evangelion exhibit at the Japan Cultural Institute. The exhibit is a collaboration with the Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum of Okayama and Evangelion. The goal of this exhibit is to showcase to the world through the popularity of anime and the beauty of Japanese swords. So Abe went all the way to Paris and got taken to see anime and swords. He must have felt right at home!

"A collaboration between a modern anime and a traditional swordsmanship is one of the new ways to promote 'Cool Japan' to the world," said Abe. Whether or not Abe ever even knew what Evangelion was prior to going to Paris is still up in the air.

The Paris exhibit: