With all that's been been trending in Japan recently, we now all know the deal. The Japanese love cats. And we always knew they loved fish. So put that together with Japanese radish art, and you get the cutest fish dinner plate you've probably ever seen.

A cooked, lightly salted mackerel with grated radish, some soy sauce, and maybe a lemon is one of my favorite dishes of all time, either as a main dish with some rice and miso soup, or as something to nibble on while sipping on some sake or shochu at an izakaya. Until now, I must admit, I never thought this old-school Japanese dish and "cute" would ever be used together in the same sentence. Never say never, as they say.

Some of you may remember the article I recently wrote about the Japanese radish food art recipe book, and this radish cat wanting to eat your fish dinner has come about after all of that. Since so many people in Japan eat fish for dinner, so many people love cats, AND all cats love fish, the stars aligned to create the cutest food art one could possibly make. Look at all those cats just waiting for a bite!

Now I want some mackerel.

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