Electricity doesn't just change the taste of food; it actually makes it taste saltier. Japanese researches invented an electrical fork that allows anyone who uses it to give more flavor to their food without adding any extra salt. 

Hiromi Nakamura, a postdoctoral researcher at Meiji University in Tokyo, has come up with an invention that may actually save thousands of lives. What she and her fellow researchers did was come up with an electrical fork, one that gives an electrical charge to food when touching it. She calls this process "Augmented Gustation." The fork's two sides, the front end and the handle, are used as electrodes. According to Nakamura, "When you take a piece of food with the fork and put it in your mouth, you close the circuit. When you remove the fork from your mouth, you disconnect the circuit. So it actually works as a switch.” A fork like this can help people with high blood pressure or hypertension, as they can enjoy saltiness to their heart's content without worrying about extra sodium.

Basically, electricity affects our taste buds, not the food itself. Even though she's come a long way, Nakamura is not ready to release her fork to the masses just yet. She is still researching, as she claims that the more she can understand how the taste buds get affected, she can literally design various tastes without adding them to the food itself. It's all about electricity, she says. Let's just hope she keeps the currents low enough. Getting electrocuted just because you want your steak to be a bit more flavorful would definitely ruin your meal.

High blood pressure? Not a problem!