Calling Bill Gates! While many of us are just trying to get Microsoft Excel to sum correctly in a spreadsheet and struggle with pivot tables, a 73-year-old retired Japanese man not only figured out how to use Excel software to paint, but he actually produced masterpieces.

When Mr. Tatsuo Horiuchi saw other people use Excel to draw graphics, he thought he could use it to draw art. Although he had never used Excel at work, when he retired 13 years ago, he decided to try it. Another reason he used Excel was because it was cheaper than Photoshop.

Here are some beautiful images of Mr. Tatsuo Horiuchi's paintings (via His paintings remind us of old Japanese silk screens.

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It just proves that old adage, 'It's never too late to start learning." However, I wonder how many of us can reach the level that Mr. Horiuchi has accomplished to become a digital master artist after retirement.