Support One, a female-run service provider in Japan, has come up with a special service for women to help them with their relationship problems. For those who want to find out how much their boyfriends or husbands really care about them, Support One will deliver hot guys to a certain location, such as a meeting place or a nightclub, where they will hit on the women in front of their dates. By doing this, the question of "How much does he actually care about me?" is guaranteed to be answered.

Benri-ya, which literally translates into "convenient provider," is a term known in Japan as someone who will hire themselves out to do whatever service is needed. Support One, a company who outsources benri-ya to their clients, made a name for itself with its rental boyfriend service, which lends out men to act as boyfriends in social settings, whether it be as dates for weddings or company parties, when nagging parents need to see if you have a possible future husband in your life, or whatever the case may be. Need a girlfriend? They have them too. But remember, this isn't any kind of escort service or matchmaking service. Strictly business.

And now, Support One has come up with a special delivery service, one that sends out hot guys to make your significant others jealous. The "Yakimochi Yakase-tai," which means "Jealousy-Generating Brigade," will hit on you when the timing is right, so you can see for yourself how you're man reacts. How protective he acts or how apathetic he is will tell you once and for all whether to move on or stay with your man. So if you ever want to make your man jealous, you know exactly who to call.

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