Starting September 24, what is possibly the world's strangest service will be made available to the ladies of Japan. A company will be providing "good-looking licensed therapeutic crying experts" who will make women cry, then gently wipe way their tears.

There are already quite a few rent-a-service companies in Japan. Some provide temporary boyfriends, girlfriends, or even just regular friends for those in need. Others rent wedding guests and pets. For those who want the experience of having a non-Japanese companion, one company rents out different types of foreigners! But out of all the crazy rental services in Japan, the new ikemeso danshi delivery service may just be the craziest of them all. The term ikemeso is an invented term, one that combines ikemen (good-looking guy) and mesomeso (crying). Danshi simply means men. So basically, these ikemeso danshi are good-looking guys who will come make you cry, then lovingly wipe away your tears. And of course the question is, "Who in the world would want to call these guys?"

Apparently, the service is marketed towards companies that want their female employees to bond so that they will be able to work together more efficiently as a team. And crying together, according to the ikemeso danshi delivery service, will get workers to feel closer to each other, hence boosting overall morale. 

So how do these guys get these ladies to cry? They just bring tear-jerking DVDs of all sorts, then wipe away the tears of anyone who ends up crying. The cost is 7900 yen, or about 65 dollars a session. Sounds a bit pricey just to get your tears wiped, but remember, these hunks pictured below are all licensed therapeutic crying experts. Take your pick!

Little brother type


Intellectual type

Tokyo type


Hot older guy type

Dentist type

Thug type

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