A 71-year-old Japanese actor who has been slashed over 50,000 times on screen over the course of his career finally received his first-ever speaking role in his life. And it's as the lead in a feature film!

Seizō Fukumoto is Japan's leading "guy who gets sliced with a samurai sword" actor. Without ever uttering a word of dialogue, Mr. Fukumoto has patiently and diligently done his job, appearing in movies only to get killed over and over again. He is, without a doubt, a master craftsman in the craft of acting, albeit focused on a very specific action.

During his long career, he has been offered bigger roles, and even a few leads, but he's always turned them down saying, "There's no way I could play a lead. It's way above me." He recently had a change of heart and accepted the lead in an upcoming movie called ”Uzumasa Twilight." Hope he doesn't get cut up with a samurai sword at the end! Much respect.

His first starring role opposite many big-time actors:

A scene with him from The Last Samurai: