Japanese Prime Minister Abe has joined the public consternation over "kira-kira" ("bright and shiny") baby names that are untraditional and often reference anime or game characters.

The issue stems from a supposed elementary school name sheet that circulated on the internet, chock full of students named 光宙 (Pikachu), 愛猫 (Kitty) and even 凸 (Tetris). The urge to criticize other people's baby names is timeless and universal, and in this case critics say that untraditional names written in Chinese characters can be all but unreadable to anyone but the parents.

Other attention-grabbing "kira-kira" names on the list include Chinese character configurations that can technically be pronounced Panda, Ariel, Sapphire, Nausicaä, Diana or Matthew. Prime Minister Abe cautioned citizens that naming your child Mars or Adam could subject the child to bullying, discrimination and even hospital mix-ups.