A Japanese university has created a game that's cracking people up in Japan, and it's sure to do the same for people elsewhere.

Kanagawa Technology Institute, a technological university in Japan, just invented what is quite possibly one if the funniest games ever made. The game is called the Barcode Reader, and it was on exhibit at the university's own booth, the Bald Mart, at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show. The object of this game is to read the strands of hair on balding, middle aged men's heads with a barcode reader, reading them perfectly so as to ring up them up as accurately as possible, and selling off as many balding heads as you can. Your score should be equal to the strands (which look like a barcode) on their heads. When you hit the price right, you move on to another head. Every time you read a balding salaryman's thin comb-over, the barcode reader makes the "beep beep" sound, sure to make you giggle as you play this game.

Even the victims of thinning hair themselves laugh at baldness in Japan. Japanese humor often chooses to laugh at the unfairness of it all instead of just being bummed out about it.

So grab a barcode reader and get on playing. "Beep beep!"

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