A new type of high school is about to open its doors in 2015. The big difference with this school and others is that your whole high school career can actually take place as a game from the comfort of your own room. Your school ID? An avatar!

With the problems facing public education, along with parents wanting more control of their children's education, more and more kids are being homeschooled every year. A school in Japan is taking homeschooling to another level, attracting students by creating an entire virtual high school that can be attended through your computer.

Once enrolled, students will be asked to create their school ID with an avatar of their choosing. That avatar will take virtual classes with an actual curriculum taught by virtual teachers. This already sounds awesome, but it gets even better. You actually only have to go to a real physical campus 4 days out of the entire year. So basically, all you have to do is play a game on your computer, and you can get perfect attendance!

If you pass your classes and receive the appropriate credits, you will receive your diploma after your senior year. And this diploma from Avatar High School is no different from one you would get at a conventional school. Yes, it's going to be certified.

High school can be fun for some, a waste of time for others. For kids who are part of the latter group, this virtual school just may be what makes learning fun.


Pick your outfit and accessories!

Points for passing tests and getting good grades!

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20 minutes of class a day!