There must be something in the water in Japan because for the second year in a row, Japanese women were listed as having the longest lifespans in the world. According to the country's Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry, the life expectancy for women in Japan rose from 86.41 to 86.61 in 2013, making them the longest-living females in the world.

It wasn't all bad news for males in Japan as the Ministry said that men's lifespans rose to 80.21, up 0.27 from the previous year. This number is significant because it's the first time that Japanese men's life expectancy was above 80.

The 80.21 number puts Japanese men in fourth place behind Hong Kong, Iceland, and Switzerland in the 50 countries surveyed. Many point to a decline in catastrophic diseases as a reason for the overall longer lifespans in Japan.

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