If you've ever loved the taste of a certain food so much you thought to yourself, "I wish they made this into a drink!" then you're sure to appreciate this new drink made out of Japan's yummiest and most popular chocolate chip cookie.

Country Ma'am is a brand of cookies in Japan made by confectionery maker Fujiya, famous for not only their delicious taste, but also for their unique texture of being firm on the outside but soft and mushy on the inside. When I was a kid growing up in Tokyo, Country Ma'am cookies with a glass of milk were something I always looked forward to. I remember eating them while I played Spartan X on my NES. I even had a special method of enjoying my Country Ma'am chocolate chip cookies. I'd bite into the mouthwatering cookie, take a big sip of milk, and let the combination mix in my mouth until I would wash it all down with one heavenly gulp.

If only I was back in Tokyo, I wouldn't have to do all that. All I'd have to do is go to the nearest Lawson's convenience store, which is the only place they'll be on sale, and buy myself the Country Ma'am Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Drink...Amazing!

The only thing is I'd have to wait until December 9.

Just imagine these in the fridge

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