I personally use a bath to get away from bright screens, especially after being on a computer all day. But for some, bath time is the perfect time to relax and play around with their phones. And now with the special air pillow and iPhone holder for bathers, your iPhone will be protected from the water, and you can truly relax and enjoy your hot bath while finishing up your current drama.

"Helpful life gadget" manufacturer THANKO of Japan has just released another unusual but useful product on their website, the Ofuro Demo Chotto Motte TE!, a plastic air pillow that you can attach an arm to, for long term bath use. As seen in the photo below, the pillow comes in three colors, pink, black and white. The product comes with a smartphone cover and super-strength tape, to guarantee dryness for your iPhone. Even if you have the giant iPhone 6 Plus, you can still use this genius invention and live it up in the bathtub. Not limited to bath use, you can even use it in bed, even though a real pillow is probably a little more comfortable and better for your neck than this one. These pillows cost 2480 yen, about 20 dollars, with the optional pump that you'll eventually need costing 150 yen extra. 

And of course, there's no insurance in case your phone falls in the water.

After the bath and right before bed: