With limited space and privacy in apartments and homes in such close vicinity to each other, the love hotel business in Japan is a major industry, with estimated profits of an incredible 13 billion yen, or 130 million dollars a day. That's 47 billion dollars a year! As a result, competition amongst hotels is fierce, as seen by some of these crazy-themed rooms.

Love hotels are all over the place in Japan, seen alongside highway exits all across the country, with any numbers of hotels taking up entire blocks many times over in major metropolitan cities. Some neighborhood areas are made up entirely of love hotels. Love hotel rooms are usually available for two hours at a time, and of course, overnight. Prices vary, but the rooms cost anywhere from 4000 yen for two hours to 12,000 - 20,000 yen overnight. The nicer the room and hotel, the more you pay. On weekdays, rooms are available for a "Weekly Free-Time Rate", costing only about 5000 yen for four to seven hours. Most hotels are very clean, pretty much like a regular hotel. But of course there are differences such as condoms by the bed, a lot of porn channels on the television, and various themed-rooms. Privacy is guaranteed, you pick your room in the lobby by pressing the picture of the available room on a giant screen. The payment process is run in a way that you don't have to show your face to the workers at the hotel, and you can't see theirs either.

Mirrored rooms, Disney rooms, Japanese-style tatami mat rooms, dungeon rooms, the list goes on and on. A hotel in Osaka even has a "Train Room". The room looks exactly like a train car and platform with some seats to sit on, and inside the train are cushioned seats, bars and rings to hold on to, and even a rack to put your bags! This room costs 6900 yen for four hours on weekdays before 12PM, and 7600 yen for after 12 on weekends and holidays.

So next time you're in Japan, maybe forget staying at the Hilton!