When it comes to trains, Japan has always been way ahead of the game. The country has consistently prided itself on providing its commuters with the fastest, most efficient and comfortable trains. But Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama, who worked in accordance with JR East Railways, has created a new kind of Japanese train that will undoubtedly bolt by the competition in style.

The train is called the Cruise Line and is set to debut in the country in 2017. The train will be able to hold 34 passengers in 10 separate cars, including a few observation rooms that are all glass. The suites themselves are equivalent to any luxury hotel with a private bathroom and posh amenities.

The Cruise Line is also incredibly versatile with the ability to operate on electric and non-electric rail lines. With an estimated cost of around $50 million, we can only imagine that travelers will be counting down the days until it's ready.

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