It's true! Japan has come up with another weight-loss regimen in the form of a soda. Japan launched PepsiCo's "Pepsi Special" across Japan yesterday. As counter-intuitive as it seems, the "Pepsi Special" contains dextrin, a fiber molecule which helps prevent the digestive system from absorbing fat. Dextrin is known to push out toxins, help fight colon issues, reduce cholesterol and increase appetite satisfaction while making sure you make regular visits to cleanse your body. The first and best known of the Dextrin-including colas is Kirin Mets Cola, which has surpassed sales expectations since being introduced in April. The bottles of soda will sell for 150 yen, about $1.87, across Japan and have just hit shelves this week.


The commercial shows a man having to choose between two girls dressed in pizza and hamburger outfits. He solves his dilemma by being able to have both, thanks to "Pepsi Special." Here's the commercial: Translation:  Man: I love you, pizza. Pizza: I'm so glad... Hey, who's looking at us? Someone you know? Man: Huh? Pizza: You do like me, right? Man: Of course I do! Hamburger: Idiot! Man: Wait! I... I love you, too. I can't decide. I love you both!  Thoughts on this "fat absorbing" product? Would you try it? Have you tried other sodas with dextrin, and if yes, would you recommend it?