cat house 5   From the blog My Cat Goma comes these images of a house designed to accomodate the lives of it's most awesome residents: cats! This home located in Japan is full of paths, tunnels, cubby holes and amenities just for kitties: cat house 16 Even house cats enjoy nature, and a caged patio lets these kitties get their sun safely! cat house 15 cat house 14       The walls and floors are made of scratch-resistent material, so it will look nice and clean for years to come! cat house 17   Kitties climb their own set of stairs to access their own catwalk! cat house 13 Oh, hello! These independent cats come and go as they please, whether your door is open or not. cat house 11 A little privacy? Cats get their own bathroom nook for when they need to attend to business. cat house 8 cat house 7 cat house 6 cat house 4       A climbable forest of scratching posts let the cats get out their natural urge to claw and climb. cat house 3 Cleaning the catwalk is made easier by human-size holes in strategic locations. cat house 2 A cat's-eye view of their own sunny hallway high above the humans! cat house 1   What do you think of this paradise for cats? Would you live in a cat-friendly home?