Prince Hisahito of Akishino is the third in line to Japan's imperial throne. Although he is only 9 and is still in elementary school, the cute prince is quickly gaining admirers. 

He is cute and is the third in line to ascend to the Chrysanthemum Throne. His uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito, has one daughter, Princess Aiko, and his own father, Prince Akishino, has two daughters, who are the little prince's older sisters. When Hisahito was born, Japan was able to defer making the decision to allow women to inherit the crown.

(Prince Hisahito with his parents and sisters:)

The young prince also has a special name. Hisahito means "serene and virtuous," and it seems quite appropriate that the delightful prince has adjusted well in attending an elementary school, despite some initial worries that he would be isolated due to his stature. When he first entered the Ochanomizu University Elementary School in 2013, he became the first royal prince to be educated outside the traditional Gakushuin Primary School that solely educated aristocratic children.

When he turned 9:

Here is Prince Hisahito participating in the school's music and choir performance:

Gone are the days when it was unthinkable for commoners to marry into Japan's Imperial family. The current Empress, Michiko Shōda, was the first commoner to marry into the imperial family when she married then-Crown Prince Akihito in 1959. Their oldest son, Crown Prince Naruhito, also made headline news when he married his Crown Princess, Masako Owada, a young diplomat and commoner.

With the young prince's popularity rising, it's been reported that many of his classmates, presumably young girls of his age group, are openly talking about the idea of becoming his princess.

Isn't Prince Hisahito cute? Do you think it's too early for girls to think about becoming his princess?


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