Jay Chou has finally returned as the singer songwriter we know and love. This is first time since his debut in 2000 that Jay Chou has made his fan wait this long for a new album. The singer, actor and director is now back in the music scene in full swing after taking a two year break directing and filming his musical film, The Rooftop, and traveling the world for the Opus 12 Tour.

AIYO, NOT BAD” is not only Jay Chou’s 13th album title, but also his infamous catchphrase, reflecting Jay Chou’s creative sense of humor for this album’s concept.

His single, Shoes Extra Large, is a witty rap that brings out the characteristics of Charlie Chaplain - the inspiration for his songs and photos for the upcoming 13th album. 

Let’s take a look!

Listen to the teaser for the new single and watch the behind the scenes of the photoshoot!

“AIYO, NOT BAD” will be released on December 26th. Are you anticipating the album?