Jay Park's gig on SNL Korea got the highest rating for the show since it changed to a regular program from a season program. The broadcast drew support from women in their 40s, making the show number one its time slot in that age group. It also means that Jay Park managed to reach into the hearts of women in their 40s with his risque jokes. He even produced a special music video for the show, with a parody song titled "Because I′m a Man." The music video shows him as a husband whose wife catches him watching porn. In the "Apple Syrup 2" sketch, a parody of what goes on at the American firm Apple, Jay Park was shown using the company′s new portable motel, the iTel. Jay Park was the promoter for the item, and came to use it after meeting with NS Yoon-G at a club. A rep for the show said about Jay Park, "We were worried at first because Jay Park is a celebrity popular among younger fans, but when the host threw himself in without caring for his status, the viewers showed big support for him. I want to applaud Jay Park for his hard work." Kudos to Jay Park for becoming popular across all age groups! Posted below is the "Because I'm a Man" parody to Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie." What did you think of Jay Park's acting on SNL Korea? Do you like his MV parody for the show? (Source: ph.omg.yahoo.com)