Solo artist Jay Park joins the musical department of the hit tvN series Oh My Ghostess! Today, the show's production company, CJ E&M, explained to the media that the hip hop star is a pleasant surprise to the hot album."Originally, Park Bo Young′s 'Leave' was supposed to be the last song from the Oh My Ghostess OST. With the addition of Jay Park, Part 4 'Eyes' will be released on August 14."

The single "Eyes" illustrates the main characters realizing they have to separate despite their love for each other. They reminisce about the times they shared together. It is a classical jazz track that samples Rachmaninov′s Symphony No. 2 Movement 3. Jay Park, who is a former 2PM member, tapped into his idol roots once again to sing rather than rap the song. 

"The affiliates present at the recording praised Jay Park′s vocal talent, saying ′It was like listening to Michael Jackson′s beautiful voice," a source associated with the OST's production explained. Park Woo Sang composed the track and Kwon Suk Hong led RB-INJ's string instruments.

Besides Park's "Take A Deeper Look" solo debut project, music lovers really became familiar with his sweet vocals through his 2012 full-length album New Breed. I know K-pop fans can sing a some of his "Girlfriend" and "Know Your Name" singles without even listening to the tunes again. He sings beautifully on those unforgettable tracks! 

Are you excited to hear Jay Park's smooth vocals featured on Oh My Ghostess? Catch up on the latest episode below!

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