20100923_jay-park_seoulbeats When Jay Park was known as Park Jaebeom, the leader of the beastly 2PM, we were all well aware of his lack of proficiency in Korean. The Seattle-based idol brought out laughter by genuinely misunderstanding definitions, using wrong words for wrong situations, and all sorts of language barrier mishaps on variety shows, crowning him one of the funniest variety-idols of his time. But signing autographs was a different story. Fans of Jay Park gathered to reveal some of Jay's funniest autographs that they have received in the past via Pann Nate. jaypark23 This one says: "I really need to go to the bathroom. Sorry TT" jaypark22 The P.S. above is actually a lot more hilarious if you know how to read Korean. Jay Park was trying to write "I was touched by the pillow. I love you!" But with horrible grammar. jaypark24 So the back story for this was that a fan wanted him to sign a P.S. for her and when he asked what he should write, she said "Anything." But as the fan saw what Jay was writing, she said "Not this." Why you ask? Jay Park wrote "Anything, not this. Haha." But even with all the misspelled words and horrific grammar, we still love you, Jay. jp   Do you have any good celebrity autograph stories? Tell us in the comments below! (Source: www.pann.nate.com)