...and are hiding it from the rest of us. Have you ever noticed some stars look the same today as they did 20 years ago? Why aren't you people aging?

1. Lee Young Ae

Here is the actress at an award ceremony in the '90s:

And here she is this past week at the airport at age 42:


2. Jang Na Ra

The former pop icon-turned-actress looks the same since the day she debuted in 2001 as she does now at age 32.

In the early 2000s:


I. don't. understand.

3. Han Ga In

According to her profile, she's 31.

In 2002:

In 2013:

But possibly a 1,000-year-old, level-80 vampire.

4. Choi Kang Hee

In the late '90s:


Yeah, we're going to believe she's 36. Right.

What do you think these stars do to stop aging? Creams? Water? Infant blood smoothies?