Hello everyone and welcome to the Jealousy Incarnate Drama Club! This week our love triangle is getting ready for an all out war and we can't wait to see who comes out victorious! Join DeShonda, E-Kun and I as we discuss this week's episodes of Jealousy Incarnate!

June: Well ladies and gentlemen, the fight for Po Na Ri has begun and can I say it was so hard and emotional to watch these friends fight. I honestly hate when there’s a love triangle, especially with friends because I’m like is it really worth it? I will say the scene with them fighting and Na Ri just trying to catch the octopus was kind of funny. I got so worried also because it seems like him not getting his treatments is starting to catch up.

E-Kun: As much as I love Jung Won, I am going to have to renege on my choice… I am team NA RI! I want Na Ri to find a man that she can be at ease with like Hwa Shin, but will treat her like a human being, like Jung Won. When we saw how Hwa Shin treated Crazy Na Ri 3 years ago, though she deserved it because you should never give in to stalkers, I sang Taylor Swift in my head, “We are never ever ever ever, getting together!”

DeShonda: I didn’t like to see Jung Won and Hwa Shin fighting and love triangles are very difficult. I agree with you E-Kun in that I want to see Na Ri happy too. She has both of these men attracted to her and she is going to have to make a choice eventually. She was stalking Hwa Shin big time and I would have been a little scared too, so I don’t blame him for treating her that way previously. But I am also worried about Hwa Shin not receiving his treatments either and it’s only going to get worse. I think it’s ironic that Hwa Shin is diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it’s Breast Cancer awareness month. The writers timed that storyline perfectly.

June: I’m worried that he’s going to eventually relapse and that things won’t be getting better. I can honestly see that coming but it is a k-drama and maybe they will not let that happen. I still can’t believe Na Ri went through this crush for 3 years! That was some dedication and I just really want her to be happy. I will say and I don’t know if it’s because I went through a lot of emotions through this week’s episodes but I really did want Na Ri to back off a bit from Hwa Shin. Like I know he really needs to go to the hospital and she wants to accompany him, but the fool (Hwa Shin) needs some time to rethink and evaluate his feelings and what not.

E-Kun: This is the thing about Hwa Shin’s overall character: he makes piss poor ass choices and then regrets/angers about this later. That is why my “sympathy well” is very shallow when it comes to him not going to the hospital and getting treatment. If you, as a grown man know you are sick and need to go to the hospital and decides not to go, who am I to stop you? But I don’t want to hear nothing from you later on. I am glad you mentioned Na Ri backing off June… She really did something to me these last 2 episodes because I could not, for the life of me, figure out why she was always in this man’s face! Yes, they have some circles that are similar and they work together, but they are not really friend--are they?

DeShonda: You are right about Hwa Shin’s behavior E-Kun. Yes he does make poor choices and he is stubborn and does not want to go to the hospital. He needs to be more responsible in taking care of himself or else his health may take a toll on him later on. I know that Na Ri is really all over him about going to the hospital and I can understand why. I think she does care about him and she wants him to be healthy. However, at this point, Hwa Shin is getting annoyed with her. She should give him some space, I agree with the both of you on that. Their friendship is strange to me. It’s like a love/hate thing going on between them. I think Na Ri thinks they are friends while Hwa Shin doesn’t.

June: Their friendship is a weird one and I never know where they stand on it but I know for sure that it’s about to change a lot next week! I still want to know how this will end with Hwa Shin either not getting the girl but keeping his friendship or vice versa. Like said before, this love triangle is a complicated one! Also now that ex-arranged marriage announcer knows that they both like Na Ri. She is for sure going to interfere in that too, as well as Jung Won’s mom. So. Much. Drama!

E-Kun: Look, Jung Won’s mom needs to find another hobby, man, and do her. She ran her husband cray, she always in her grown son’s business, and now she got her adult brother eye twitching with some voo-doo drugs she bought back from Paris! Women like her really drive me insane--all that energy you have can be of better use, I am sure. That one announcer is annoying but we have not discussed the one that likes Hwa Shin, Hye Won. I really do like her! She had me dying laughing when Jung Won came in to curse out Hwa Shin!

DeShonda: Jung Won’s mother does need to stay out of his business. She has a bigger problem of her own with her relationship with her husband. I am glad you mentioned the announcer that likes Hwa Shin because I like her as well. That scene you mentioned, the announcer had me laughing too.

June: She is funny, in my opinion and kind of refreshing! She says what’s on her mind and she’s not catty like the usual second female lead. I am excited to see what else she will bring in since she’s “dating” Hwa Shin!

E-Kun: Hye Won says a lot of things that I can leave at the checkout counter, but I think her heart is in the right place. I would hate for them to sully her as a character since she is so likeable. I honestly wouldn’t mind her being with Hwa Shin, though, I think she is a bit stronger than his character can take. He said he doesn’t “easy” women like Na Ri, but I don’t know if that is entirely true.

June: I agree! On another note, the Moms going to the kids’ teacher meetings was interesting! One was super passionate about finding something for Red and the other stuck up for Na Ri’s brother since Na Ri didn’t attend and we find out he’s like super smart and everyone wants him to go to med school! I really hope he does go!

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes. I liked it because it seems like the moms kind of matured a bit. Both of them were very passionate about the children and they both tried really hard to make the meeting. I really liked that the other mom was there for Yi Cheol. I really hope he goes to medical school as well. And it seems our Chef has a crush on both of the moms. Looks like we will have another love triangle that might get messy.

June: Oh my goodness, that love triangle is going to be crazy! Between the moms already being super competitive, adding in love again, will not be good!

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