Welcome one and all to a new drama club inspired by the show Jealousy Incarnate! So far, we have seen strange weather, attractive guys, and twist and turns that puts a rollercoaster to shame! Join June, DeShonda, and I (E-Kun) as we examine our barometers, check our stats, and look up our sluth resources to bring you the news, weather, and sports on Jealousy Incarnate!

E-kun: My reaction after getting through the second episode, “So this is the role that will call my obsession with Jo Jung Suk into question?!” While I am thoroughly enjoying the show, not loving our leading man Lee Hwa Shin. He is arrogant, a sell-out, and flimsy at best. How can anyone trust him to deliver their news?

June: I agree! After watching these episodes, I was like this guy is a huge jerk! I felt so bad for Red and her dad in the hospital and then finding out or leading man was the reason for his brother’s downfall. I can foresee some major drama happening in the future. On the other hand, it’s been only two episodes and I am already falling for the second male lead! He’s so nice and dreamy. Lol I can see why Na Ri would fall for him, especially when he recognized her as the weather girl.

DeShonda: I second that ladies! I am not very fond of Lee Hwa Shin right now for the very same reasons you mentioned E-kun. He is definitely not trustworthy. My heart really goes out to Red as well. She is going through so much right now. But I am interested in finding out more about Lee Hwa Shin and his relationship with his brother and niece. The second male lead has my heart right now as well June. I am rooting for him right about now. He is so handsome and nice.

E-kun: Girl! Girl! Girl! As they used to say back in the day, “I am all on Jung Won’s jock!” He is sweet and kind--a little dorky and shy. But he must be a boss if he run SBC the broadcast company, right? I love that he is into Na Ri as well. I can’t wait to see more of him--show make me see LOTS of him! I was in the street when I saw what Hwa Shin did to his family. I mean, I get that you are a reporter, but to be a whistleblower on the family is kind of stank. But, I am about personal responsibility, Daddy does not have to be laid up drinking and carrying on all day. You have a daughter that needs you--what are you thinking?

June: Exactly! Honestly, he should have had his daughter in best interest first but this is a K-drama afterall. I thought it was interesting with the whole “Dad married two ladies and now they work together”. I mean it is very tropey but I am anxious to see what trouble this brings. Can I say I was already having my heartstrings being pulled by the end of episode two. It was messed up that that other girl sabotaged Na Ri with her spilling food on her dress. I was like you cannot be serious right now!

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing as well. Father has a responsibility and he needs to not drink so much and pay more attention to his children. And it’s very awkward that Father married both of them and now they have to be in the same space everyday at work. I don’t think I could do it personally. I do wonder which one will be the wife of the brother by the end of this drama though. I was so mad that that girl messed up Na Ri’s dress on purpose. I just knew she did that on purpose. But I will say that Na Ri did a very good job reporting the weather in her “Daisy Dukes and Crop Top.” She was still able to keep her job despite the horrible thing that happened to her.

E-Kun: I knew it the moment she sat down she was going to do something to her. Afterall, the spot that Joo Hee wanted was Na Ri’s spot! The things people would do to get ahead is mind boggling. Look at Hwa Shin--that should give us an indication we can’t put anything past these people. I just feel bad that Na Ri didn’t know what she was up to. At first Na Ri, seems like a pushover, but she is more the personality it is not worth her time to fool with trifles. But at times, she can be a bit naive. Before we knew the jerkiness of Hwa Shin, I was so jealous Na Ri got to cop a feel! But I hope nothing it wrong… we don’t have time for that show!

June: I was also waiting for Na Ri to be like you all can do your own stuff. I hope she can stand up for herself more in future episodes. Na Ri copping a feel was funny but I was worried for Hwa Shin. I was like Na Ri knows more than Hwa Shin would like to know about that stuff especially because she said it ran in her family and I was glad that he actually went and got checked out. I just really hope that it isn’t anything serious. I can’t handle something this sad to happen this early on! We already have Red’s dad in the hospital, we don’t need more people there!

DeShonda: I am hoping that we see a more sassy side of Na Ri in the future. I know she is going to stand up for herself a lot more soon. Na Ri was so lucky to feel up Lee Hwa Shin! At first I was wondering why she kept on doing that. But I am very happy that she informed Lee Hwa Shin and suggested he get checked out. I really hope nothing is wrong as well June. I am not ready to start crying as of yet.

E-Kun: My thoughts exactly! Red’s dad, Hwa Shin’s tawdry past, 2 divorced women working in the same place, Na Ri’s sad current state of affairs… We already got a lot going on. On a lighter note, I do love the dynamic of the house Red and Na Ri are living in. Though, I would not want to live there since I am a huge introvert. I would feel very stressed in that particular setting.

June: I will be honest, whenever they introduced the living situation, I was a bit confused. I was like did I start a different drama. Lol But I do like this dynamic as well. They all are like a family and seem like they are there for each other.

DeShonda: I love the living situation as well and I was a bit confused as well. Just like you E-Kun, I am an introvert as well and I don’t think I could live like that. But I do like that they are very close to one another. I also want to know more about Lee Hwa Shin and Jung Won’s relationship also the assistant Jung Won. It appears that Secretary Cha has a issue with Lee Hwa Shin. It’s almost like he is jealous of Lee Hwa Shin’s relationship with Jung Won.

E-Kun: I am looking forward to all that is to be revealed and diving further into the characters that are intriguing at best. I am ever hopeful that by episode 24, I will be so in love with Hwa Shin that these first 2 episodes will be erased from my memory. But that Jung Won got me wwwwiiiiiiiddddddeeeee open. SLS is STORNG!

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