And the award for worst kiss ever goes to Jealousy Incarnate’s Pyo Na Ri and Lee Hwa Shin! Not because it lacked “chemistry” or passion, but because of all the external factors of why it never should have happened—but that is just my honest opinion. If it were not for the best drama clubbers, best believe E-Kun would stop watching the show! Join DeShonda, June, and I as we discuss the events leading up to E-Kun’s definite breakup with Na Ri and Jealousy Incarnate.

E-Kun: So all biases aside, what Na Ri and Hwa Shin did at the end of episode 14 was pretty much BS. I keep playing it over and over in my head and I still don’t know who made me more upset. No. no. I think it has to be Na Ri. Just when I thought she was getting her *censored* together, she goes and pulls this. But maybe you ladies saw it in a different light—thoughts?

June: I was shocked at what happened and I agree! I feel so bad for Jung Won honestly. I can’t believe what happened at all! It’s like this guy has treated you badly for like 3+ years, what are you doing! It’s like Na Ri you have another guy who has basically been such a good guy to you. Sighs I just don’t understand to be honest.

DeShonda: I was also shocked as well. Here I was cheering Na Ri on for giving Hwa Shin a piece of her mind and then they kiss. I don’t understand the method behind this madness either.

E-Kun: The problem is that I understand, but I don’t care! Na Ri purposefully sought after Hwa Shin after she knew he liked her. She went after him damn near with the intent, hope, and prayer that he would do exactly what he did. Why? Because Hwa Shin constantly makes poor ass choices.

June: That’s basically the whole theme of this drama! Hwa Shin making horrible choices and Na Ri continuing to like Hwa Shin even if she doesn’t admit it all the time!

DeShonda: And we have said this week after week that indeed Hwa Shin does make very poor choices. You are right E-Kun, she did go after Hwa Shin big time. She needs to stick with Jung Won in my opinion because he is obviously the better choice.

E-Kun: Na Ri and I are done, too. I thought she grew over the past 3 years, but clearly not. If you want to be with Hwa Shin, fine. But get your s*** together with Jung Won, and within yourself, then make out with him until the sun rises in the west! Ugh! Totally disgusted with this whole situation. Then you got crazy Jung Won’s mother trying to sabotage Na Ri professionally! My question to her is, why would you ever want to make your son into your bastard-like husband and turn this announcer wench into you?!

DeShonda: Jung Won’s mother was in rare form this week trying to sabotage Na Ri. But her plan backfired thanks to the help of Jung Won. He had the perfect plan and when it was executed, it worked. Na Ri went in and did very well with the announcer audition. Hwa Shin helped her out a lot with that too. First making sure she got there on time via helicopter, and when she arrived at the station he was coaching her before the audition as well as during. I thought that was sweet of him to do that for her. I’m not quite done with Na Ri as of yet. I still want her to become a successful announcer and end up with Jung Won too.

June: I agree with both of you all. First off, I really don't like cheaters so what Na Ri and Hwa Shin are doing really is not okay in my book and it probably never will. Second, Na Ri and Hwa Shin really just need to get everything together with Jung Won. Poor Jung Won having to deal with his mom and then this. Speaking of his mom, she is seriously so crazy! I cannot!

E-Kun: She is like the ultimate busy body. Instead of being in every grown man’s business in your life, why don’t you get a life? I honestly think you will be much happier that way. But one mom that really had me in tears was Hwa Shin’s. Despite all the things he has done, she still cries her eyeballs out when she finds out he has breast cancer. I am glad she knows--maybe he will start to take this more seriously now that someone else besides Na Ri knows (Just saying her name makes my fist clench).

DeShonda: I really felt bad for Hwa Shin’s mother as well. I was wondering how she would react when she found out the news. And her reaction was what I expected a mother should have. She is very heartbroken and does not want to lose another child. I really hope that Hwa Shin takes his illness seriously as well and gets regular treatments. I hope that it brings this mother and son closer together and I hope it brings Red and Hwa Shin closer too because now she knows about his illness. I really hope that Jung Won’s mother stays in her own lane and let his son live his life.

June: Oh my god, Hwa Shin and his mom was really sad to watch. I felt so bad for both of them but especially his mom! She already lost one son and if she she lost another one, I couldn’t even imagine. As for the meddling mom, she really needed to back off of her son’s business a longggggg time ago. She was one of the most annoying characters in this drama. She meddled with her brother and those stupid pills and then her son’s life.

E-Kun: Speaking of dear Oppa Chef, I do not know what world he is living in, but an asexual relationship? While it is not out of the realm of possibility for 0.0003% of the population, that was a bit too much to hope for from even one of Red’s moms. And I hate even more how they will not just come out and be like, “Right, not about that life.” and call it a day. Don’t avoid and play games… Aren’t they all in their 40’s? My overall all theme for everyone in these episodes is “Get it together!”

DeShonda: The Chef telling the moms that he is asexual has me concerned. I’m wondering if in fact he is telling the truth, or if he is telling a lie. I do believe he is interested romantically in both of Red’s mothers, but why the change all of a sudden? Is it so that they will stop fighting over him? Or is he losing interest in them romantically? I just have a hard time believing that he is asexual. There has to be a method behind his madness.

June: Red’s moms for sure need to get it together, this whole drama they’ve been fighting over Red and Oppa Chef. It’s like you both need to get your priorities straight and grow up a little.

E-Kun: These last few episodes we have seen minimal of the kids--that makes me sad. I want to know what is going to happen between them and who Red is going to choose to live with. I think she should just stay with her grandma, but that might be too much wishful thinking. Also, if I never said it before, I love Yi Cheol, Na Ri’s brother. He is such an adorable kid, but also very kind and mature for his age.

DeShonda: I will have to agree with you E-Kun. I was wondering what is happening with the kids as well. Yi Cheol is one of my favorites as well. I love the caring relationship he has with Na Ri. I am hoping that Red stays with her Grandmother as well. I think that would be the best for her in the current situation.

June: I agree! I wish we got to see more with the kids, also they had a little love triangle going on as well and I wonder if they are going to resolve that. I just want them to stay all friends though! I wish we got more of Na Ri’s brother! He also seems like a voice of reason and I really hope he does get to go to medical school!

What do you all think? Are you disgusted with Na Ri and Hwa Shin or are you turning cartwheels at their tawdry development? By the way, glad Na Ri did actually get the announcers job she desperately worked for! Until next week!

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