Hello everyone and welcome to this week's Jealousy Incarnate Drama Club! Just when you thought this drama couldn't get any messier, they prove us wrong! Enter the past's love triangle, the present and possible future. Join E-Kun, DeShonda and I as we get through this week's episodes.

June: Remember when I said this was a mess? Well this just got even messier. At this point I want everyone to be alone and I want this drama to be over! Okay, I'm being dramatic but why, why, why did they all move in and then with the ending with Hye Won and Hwa Shin! What in the world!

E-Kun: Look, there are so many things we have to discuss that are messy, but let's start with them moving in together. What did you think was going to happen when these two men moved in with you, Na Ri?! And I hate to admit it, but announcer girl and Jung Won might be a better couple. Don't stone me!

DeShonda: I agree with you. I think Jung Won and the announcer girl might be a better couple too. I still have small glimmer of hope for Jung Won and Na Ri to be together. But I knew that all three of them living together would be a very bad idea. It just caused so many problems between all of them. I really hate what the guys are going through. I feel bad for Na Ri as well because she does not know what she wants and it just makes things difficult.

June: I agree with both of you! I think Jung Won and the other announcer girl would be better together. For me, I want Na Ri to move on from both of these guys. I think she just needs some Na Ri time or something. lol I think they all need to figure out what they want in life or something.

E-Kun: That is the problem I have with this show. I believe everyone knows what they want, but everyone can’t have what they want in the capacity they want it. Na Ri knows that she wants Hwa Shin; she just doesn’t want to deal with the guilt of picking him over Jung Won. Hwa Shin knows he wants to be with Na Ri; he was such an ass about it, that Na Ri is giving him a hard time. Jung Won wants Na Ri, but what he needs is someone who will love him in spite of all other things. It made my heart hurt a little when we see Soo Young, the girl from their past, show how much she loved Hwa Shin over Jung Won. I say this but I only believe it with half if my heart: Jung Won is too good for Na Ri… because Na Ri is not woman enough to James Bay it and “Let it go, let it be”.

DeShonda: Exactly! Everything you just said is spot on. I am also starting to think that all three are better off with someone else, just not each other. It was very heartbreaking to see how much Soo Young loved Hwa Shin. Dare I say that I thought Jung Won was too good for Na Ri as well. I thought that early on, but I still had some hope for those two.

June: *Claps* You all are on point on this! I agree so much, especially on the bit about Jung Won. It’s crazy that they’ve already liked the same girl and that was messy too. It just makes my head hurt now watching everyone in this drama.

E-Kun: I was saying the same thing to my bestie. The fact that you have similar taste is fine, because you are friends. But the fact that you two are playing games again over a girl is beyond me. Also, Na Ri is this evaluation of the men… *censored*, did you discover something that you didn’t already know to be true? On paper, Jung Won is by far the better man. So why are we even playing games? And you being a tease, for the second time, with Hwa Shin! You totally came on to him… I wish with all my heart he would have rolled right then and there. That way, he wouldn’t have had to have egg on his face when she was eating with Jung Won and his mom. That was ahotmess.com!

DeShonda: I don’t like the way she is playing both men at all. That’s why I mentioned earlier I feel sorry for them. She was totally a tease and I think she knew exactly what she was doing to Hwa Shin. What was he supposed to think after Na Ri asked him to come in her bed? That scene when she was at dinner with Jung Won and his mother, then Hwa Shin and his mother showed up to the same place was a big mess indeed. It’s getting more complicated and awkward and I am wondering how this is going to turn out.

June: Same. I don’t like how Na Ri is going around this whole situation but I don’t think it’s all her. I think both guys and Na Ri are doing this all wrong. It makes me wonder what is going through their heads sometimes. Like I can’t help and think are Jung Won and Hwa Shin really going to even stay friends after this. I feel like they are falling down a black hole and never returning.

E-Kun: Shockingly, I think their friendship will remain intact - because only they can be friends with each other. While everyone plays a role in this tomfoolery, Na Ri irritates me more. Speaking of other irritating matters—the moms. Red has decided to go with her daddy’s choice, but I think that they should both raise her like a separated couple. She needs both of them, her uncle, her gram, chef and the boys in her life.

DeShonda: I think that Red should be raised by both of her moms too. And she does need everyone of her family members in her life. As they say, “It Takes A Village” and I truly believe that. I was wondering what her choice would be of who she wants to live with. I was hoping that she would respect her father’s wishes. I did think it was cute of Red to play matchmaker by sending one of her moms on a date with the Chef.

June: I agree and I hope she does end up living with both because I think she does enjoy being around both of them. It did kind of suck to see her birth mom so upset about not being able to have Red live with her but I mean it was her dad’s wishes. The little date with Chef was so cute!

E-Kun: I did love the date with the chef, but I want that mom to be with reporter dude she was messing around with! He is cute and funny. So back to this kiss with Hye Won and Hwa Shin… don’t even care Na Ri saw it. Maybe she will stop playing games, as Backstreet Boys asked so many years ago, and do what she needs to do. But, I hope her world falls apart for all of 30 seconds. People might condemn me for saying it, but that is the way I feel when you play with people’s feelings… you get what you give.

DeShonda: Karma is definitely coming back around for Na Ri. I hate that she saw the kiss between Hye Won and Hwa Shin, but as you mentioned E-Kun, that’s what you get when you play with people’s emotions. She is going to very heartbroken I think in the next episode, but I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen. I am hoping that Hwa Shin and Hye Won will become a couple.

June: I like Hye Won, not going to lie, and at this point I feel like Hwa Shin should be with her. Maybe this will be good for him, but of course this is a k-drama and he won’t stop going after Na Ri. I feel like this is exactly Na Ri needed to see. Hwa Shin has seen her with Jung Won so many times and now she needs it back. Karma is coming for everyone in this drama!

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