Welcome back clubbers! With only 1 week looming, I totally feel the fatigue of not caring setting in. What about you? Join DeShonda, June, and I as we pull, dissect, and wade through this week’s Jealousy Incarnate.

E-Kun: I hate to be a mess, but am I the only one who could care less about Hwa Shin proposal at the end? Maybe sleep deprivation on my part has torn a piece of my soul. I felt numb for the majority of both episodes.

June: I mean at this point I don't really feel anyways about the Na Ri/Hwa Shin relationship. I think it's low key toxic but they aren't going to have it any other way.

DeShonda: I can agree with you June. Their relationship is toxic and I didn’t quite know what to think about his proposal. I thought it was a bit rushed, but knowing what Hwa Shin went through I can understand why he would want to get married quickly.

E-Kun: I can appreciate his proposal. I just could care less it involves him and Na Ri. I think low key proposals like that are the best. That way, if she doesn’t want to marry you, you are not all embarrassed in front of friends and family. But Na Ri is an idiot who would want “setting and timing”.

June: Yeah I understand that too but I was just like this really can't end well. Lol! They both get super jealous and we still have Jung Won that still won't let her go. It's a big ole mess for sure. Right when I thought they wouldn't get super dramatic, they did with the whole he can't have kids thing. I'm like well damn what more do you want this dude to go through.

DeShonda: I felt really bad for Hwa Shin when he received that news. I was afraid that something was either wrong with him or Na Ri when the doctor called him back into the office alone. Knowing how manly Hwa Shin is, him finding out that he can’t have children is another heartbreak. And it was so brave and courageous of him to go in national TV and tell the world that he has breast cancer. That was a very powerful scene and I know it was very difficult for him to do that. Hwa Shin kind of pulled at my heartstrings with these episodes.

E-Kun: I did feel the pangs in my heart tug when they said he was sterile. The other part of me thought it was show just adding one more thing to break this couple up. I always felt his story was a story that needed to be told. While every part of the world is different, I could never believe that discrimination he encountered at the hospital. The wing literally being accommodating for women only is very outrageous.

June: I agree. I honestly didn't think they would pull through and have him actually go on broadcast and tell the truth about him being sick. I'm kind of proud of him for doing that because I feel it goes against everything we ever seen him do.

DeShonda: Exactly June. It is so not like him to reveal something so personal like that. As arrogant and stubborn as he is, it was good to see this side of him. Poor Hwa Shin feels even more less of a man now than he did before. And Jung Won is not giving up at all. He is very determined to win back Na Ri. He is just waiting for right timing because he knows he is a better fit for Na Ri. There is still a small glimmer of hope that Na Ri and Jung Won will end up together.

E-Kun: Are we watching the same show? I am sorry, but even if she does not end up with Hwa Shin, Na Ri would never go back to Jung Won. She ultimately knows she has done wrong by him and he is not Hwa Shin. She really should find greener pastures.

June: I'm still on the boat where I think she should find someone else, but I know that's just wishful thinking. I do think she will end up with Hwa Shin no matter what. I just feel like Jung Won and Na Ri’s ship has sailed and it isn't coming back. I think that's what makes me so annoyed that these people are literally too persistent that it feels like they are stalking each other at this point.

DeShonda: It does seem like they are stalking one another doesn’t it? I would have to say you are correct about that. But I can also understand why you would say that all three of them need to date other people. Speaking of dating, looks like our Chef and one of the Mom’s has started to officially date. I knew he had feelings for both women and had to eventually make a choice but I wasn’t expecting how it would happen between them. But I also thought about how the other Mom would feel about this. I had a feeling she would be angry. It was cute that they were trapped in Hwa Shin’s closet overnight though.

E-Kun: I knew that was going to happen. Birth mom, Sang Sook, is too independent for a man like Chef. It was cute how she was mad that she lost out on Chef!

June: I honestly thought Chef was going to end up with the other mom. I know she is not going to like it and feel like she's losing everything. I feel bad for her honestly.

DeShonda: That’s what I thought as well. I felt bad for her as well. She basically lost her daughter, and now she has lost the man she likes too. But I still think there may still be hope for her with the other reporter.

E-Kun: I need for her and other reporter to get together immediately!

June: Yeah I feel like that's why they brought him into the picture. What did you think of the voice scamming Red pulled? I was like what the heck was that for kids!

DeShonda: I was shocked about the voice scamming incident that got Red and the boys in trouble. I was asking the exact same thing, “What was that for?” Then I thought about the trouble that Red was in earlier and maybe this was another cry for help by acting out. But I think there is a method behind that madness. I have more questions than answers about that.

E-Kun: I was so mad at the kids! Like Sang Sook said, they committed a criminal act! All of them would doing chores and on punishment until they go to college. Like a mini prison.

June: Maybe but for me I’m like I thought we were finally making progress with everyone’s relationships somewhat. Oh well!

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