Hello and welcome back to the Jealousy Incarnate Drama Club. These episodes were very emotional as we discover that Lee Hwa Shin needs surgery for a life threatening medical condition, Although not as serious, Pyo Na Ri is in the same hospital room for a similar medical emergency, It appears that Go Jung Won might be in a relationship that he wants to escape from,Red continues to grieve as her father remains in a coma, And the Two Mothers continue to stir up trouble and mischief. Join June, E-Kun, and I as we discuss these and more in these episodes of Jealousy Incarnate!


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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June: This past week’s episodes were definitely a different array of emotions! I can’t believe that Hwa Shin really did have cancer and how he told no one. Na Ri was the only one who knew and that’s because she was in the same hospital room as him. Then we had her go give the broadcast when she was still not even ready to leave! I was like noooooo you need to get better first! Sigh.

DeShonda: You are correct June, these episodes were very emotional. I was hoping that Hwa Shin’s condition would not be that serious and we discover he does indeed have cancer. I did not expect Na Ri to end up in the hospital for her condition either. She is very determined to leave the hospital after having surgery to go and do a broadcast. I admire her determination but she needs to heal a bit more before going back to work. I just hope that nothing serious happens to her while she is there.

E-Kun: When it was revealed that Hwa Shin did in fact had cancer, I was so stunned I couldn’t even function. I do like how his reaction is parallel to what most women who go through hearing such devastating news, but I was annoyed with him as well. I understood, but none the less annoyed. Na Ri, Na Ri, Na RI! Like DeShonda said, I admire her tenacity, but this is excessive. What are you going to do if something goes wrong? But I do love that she figured out Joo Hee’s malicious intent last time. But I am very very concerned for so many reason. About that kiss...

June: OMG THE KISS. I was first mad at Hwa Shin for doing what he did but then I loved how Na Ri is now taking charge and was like whatever now that I did it, I’m over it. I hope this is the start of her not taking any crap from anyone. I know they called her back to the station and I hope she stands up to that other weather girl who got her drunk and fired. I want Na Ri to only go up from here!!

DeShonda: I was not expecting that kiss at all. Like you mentioned June, I was surprised that she took charge and kissed Hwa Shin. But I am all for it and I hope that she does have more of those take charge moments in future episodes. I want to see Na Ri a bit more aggressive. I hope she upstages the rival weather girl who sabotaged her as well. She deserves to be the permanent weather girl.

E-Kun: I am not sure they have permanent positions for the weather girls--because they make it seem like their job is frivolous and anyone can do it. A mess. I was glad that she kissed him so she could get it. He is a *censored* liar--and I hate them the most. Even if you are not aware of your feelings at first, it has been 3 years… 3 YEARS! Either leave her alone or do something. I get that it is “high” feeling to be liked, but you shouldn’t play with people’s feelings like that. But moving along--those exes… Am I the only one who is always throwing popcorn at the screen when I see them? They just… I mean… I can’t with them. And then you have Red caught in the middle of it all. I felt so bad when she saw her uncle walking by and she couldn’t even be excited to see him.

DeShonda: I was throwing popcorn, and anything else I could find at the two exes. These ladies are a piece of work. They were making me laugh when they were sneaking around trying to find Red. I think that they are now going to fight over the chef who hugged them, so this is going to be interesting. I also felt bad for Red because she could not even speak to her uncle when she saw him.

June: Oh my lord those ladies are seriously ridiculous and going after the chef will definitely be a whole new ballgame, especially when Red finds out. I feel so bad for Red though, she’s kind of alone in the sense that her mother(s) is gone and her dad is in the hospital, but at least she does have the chef, Na Ri and her two friends with her. I’m interested to see what she had her two friends do for her whenever she saw her uncle on the TV. I can sense something is about to happen!

E-Kun: Speaking of dad in the hospital--was I the only one who thought that whole scene while he was in a comma was him “crossing to the other side”? Red seems so lonely, so I am glad she has the family dynamic around her. I am more interested in the dynamics she has with Dae Gu and Na Ri’s brother. Now, Jung Won--are you cheating or are you forced in something you want to get out of with your status? Inquiring minds would like to know.

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes! I loved seeing Red’s father in a happy place with his favorite song playing and surrounded by loved mones! That’s what crossing over should be like. I am also happy that Red does have people around her who truly care for her. She needs a lot of support with what she is going through at such a young age. Jung Won, I think he is in an arranged relationship he does not really want to be in. With him having a crush on Na Ri, I think it’s cute but he is not cheating yet. It’s just a crush right now, but his feelings are increasing for Na Ri and I have to admit, I like it.

June: That sense with the dad was so trippy to me but I really hope that he is still alive though for Red’s sake. But if he did, at least he was happy “crossing to the other side”. I agree with Jung Won. I think he really doesn't want to be in that arranged date/marriage thing and Na Ri probably is a breath of fresh air for him. I think Jung Won is a lot more genuine than Hwa Shin right now. I just hope that that one announcer who is “dating” or whatever Jung Won doesn’t try and destroy Na Ri or something. Those announcers already look down on the weather girls, it’s so annoying.

E-kun: Jung Won is adorable. Even if he doesn’t get with Na Ri, which is extremely probable, he shouldn’t marry someone he isn’t interested in. You are right June - those announcer girls are super annoying. Why can’t we peacefully co-exist? Come to work, do our job, and roll? We don’t have to be friends, but we don’t have to act high and mighty either. It would be idiotic to sabotage an innocent person, but every show has to have at least one of two petty hoes… It’s in the kdrama bylaws.

DeShonda: Oh I have a feeling that some more sabotage is going to happen with that announcer girl who is dating Jung Won. She seems like she would be up to something sneaky when she realizes that Jung Won has eyes for Na Ri. If something bad does happen, I really hope Na Ri puts the announcer in her place.

June: I really hope so too! I am so ready for Na Ri to stop being naive and stand ups for herself to everyone, even her boss. I mean he went and fired her and then he calls her back after a day. It’s like make up your damn mind. As for the announcers, with Mom #2 leading that pack, they are seriously all so annoying with their “I’m better than you” attitude.

E-Kun: I don’t think Na Ri is a pushover, but I do think she decides to keep quiet on certain things because she doesn’t care enough. But I do want her to take care of herself and start to care a bit more. “I just got out of surgery so I can’t come!” Say that Na Ri and make them feel small for screaming and having a *censored* fit for you not picking up your phone!

DeShonda: I am waiting for the episode when Na Ri stands up to her boss. If that happens it’s going to be epic because I know she is strong. She just needs to have a bit more confidence and take risks. It will happen in due time. Mom #2 is very annoying to me as well June. I am not a fan of their attitudes either. I want to find out more backstory behind both of the mothers. Speaking of backstory, I appreciate the backstory these episodes of how Na Ri and Hwa Shin first met. I thought it was very cute that it all started with Na Ri accidentally bumping into Hwa Shin. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to start a romance.

June: I agree! It was funny to see that she literally bumped into him and he like flew into the wall! LOL

E-Kun: Glad they explained how she came to adore him. Because Hwa Shin is an ass—for lack of a better word.


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