Hello everyone and welcome back to the Jealousy Incarnate Drama Club. This week continues with the drama and emotions are on an all new high. We have romance, tragedy and more! Join DeShonda, E-Kun, and I as we discuss this week's episodes of Jealousy Incarnate!

June: Wow, how was that ending to episode 6! If I thought last week was emotional, this week takes the cake! I was really hoping Red’s Dad was going to pull through and it was especially heartbreaking when he called Hwa Shin before he passed away. Like he still really cared for him and I was in tears when everyone showed up to his funeral. Cries.

E-Kun: I am a little teary eyed at the moment thinking of the tragedy of hyung’s death. You have those 2 vindictive, crazy, self-centered pieces of trash, “mothers” all in Red’s business, Hyung calling Hwa Shin to say he missed him, and mom having to see all the people she hate the most in the world at her son’s funeral. I wish I could be mad at her for cussing and fussing, but I wasn’t--I would want to be Hwa Shin’s tail, too.

DeShonda: These episodes were indeed very emotional. I really wanted Red’s father to recover as well. But I am glad that he did reach out to Lee Hwa Shin before his passing. That funeral was a complete disaster. At a time for loved ones to come together to mourn the passing of Lee Hwa Shin’s brother, it turned sour rather quickly. I was not mad at Lee Hwa Shin’s mother for throwing a fit either. She had every right to express her feelings that way and I probably would have done the same thing.

June: I agree! Though when she was hitting him with the pan, I was super worried because he just got surgery and he didn’t even have time to explain why he was wearing the bra. I really wanted to know how his mom would react to him having cancer. But I guess that is for a later time. I am super curious on this Red-Mothers relationship. Like why are they both trying to get her now after all these years.

E-Kun: It was always birth mom’s, Kye Sung Sook, plan to take Red after she was older. It was a stupid selfish plan, but none the less her wishes. I am not sure why the woman she identifies as mom, Bang Ja Young, is looking for her after all this time. I think her looking for her now is the worst! Even if you divorced hyung, you loved and raised Red as your own. If Red never talks to any of them again, I would not be mad. I am curious as why dad left a note saying Ja Young to raise her.

DeShonda: I was worried about Lee Hwa Shin getting hit with the pan too June. I was cringing every time his mother hit him. I was also wondering what her reaction will be once she finds out Lee Hwa Shin has cancer. I predict she will be more caring because cancer is life threatening and I know she does not want to lose another son. Red does not want anything to do with Kye Sung Sook. That was obvious when she got the call about her father and she walked right past her without saying not one word. I did notice that the Chef had a note that mentioned Bang Ja Young is supposed to be taking care of her. I don’t quite know how Red feels about Bang Ja Young, but I agree that if she does want to talk to her either, I don’t blame her.

June: Me too! I want to know why he said he wanted Ja Young to raise her as well and what this means for Sung Sook. I know Red will not take it well at all to either women. In other news, Na Ri and Jung Won seem to be moving quickly. I will admit they are pretty cute and I don’t know if it’s just me, but they seem like the main couple rather than Na Ri and Hwan Shin. Well at least for now!

E-Kun: Jung Won got me singing Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open”! When he told her she didn’t grab on to him, but he pulled her in--it did something to me...something really really REALLY good! I mean, Hwa Shin is not only saying the worst things, he is doing the worst things! Dude, you are in your 30’s and you still don’t know how to talk to people?! Why can’t you just bite your tongue if you can’t say anything nice at all. The best thing he said thus far is how Na Ri has no taste in men because she fell for him.

DeShonda: I think that Pyo Na Ri and Go Jung Won make a great couple and I enjoy watching the chemistry that is forming between them. That scene that you described E-Kun really did it for me too. It was such a cute and romantic move for him to do when they were in Thailand. I was thinking the exact same thing that Lee Hwa Shin does not communicate well with others. He just lets things fly out of his mouth without thinking about it first. You are right though, that is the best thing he said to Na Ri.

June: I laughed when Hwa Shin said that to Na Ri! I was like at least he knows he’s the worst. Lol Jung Won is seriously so sweet and it makes me cautious because it’s like this is the honeymoon phase in sorts and I know it’ll go to hell soon. Especially because the announcers saw when he was carrying her to the elevator when she fainted. I also just want Na Ri to start standing up for herself, especially against the people at the station.

E-Kun: I really want to stay in the romantic phase with forehead kisses, summer thunderstorms in Thailand, and cute outfits for the job! Na Ri seems like taking care of business is more important that the foolishness over at the job. Can I say how pissed I was a director and whatnot for not calling a name to get the hell off set so it was only one person up there to do the weather?! Then Sung Sook slapping people--would have called the cops on her! You will not slap me for your lack of decision making and me only trying to keep my job! *Censored*

DeShonda: I can understand why you would are cautious about Go Jung Won and Pyo Na Ri. I am afraid that when she discovers he has a significant other it’s going to go downhill. Then Pyo Na Ri will fall into the arms of Lee Hwa Shin for comfort and support from a broken heart. But I don’t want that to happen at all. I want Pyo Na Ri and Go Jung Won to be in “Romantic Land” through the remainder of this drama. I just enjoy their chemistry so much. I was screaming at the TV when all of the drama went down on the news set. I was rooting for Pyo Na Ri to stand up for herself and fight back. I felt so bad for her especially when Kye Sung Sook slapped her and then to be slapped by the other weather girl too. I was hoping Pyo Na Ri would have slapped her back.

June: OH MY GOD! I was so livid during that whole debacle! Like first off, I would have kick that girl’s ass for slapping me but then to get slapped by Sung Sook too. I would have filed an HR complaint, on top of calling the cops and what not. This is why I just want Na Ri to start standing up for herself! I can’t see this stuff happening to her and she’s always trying to keep this job. Like the Director was the one calling her a million times and then gets mad when she shows up. Like W T F!!

E-Kun: Now I was really mad at him! He should have told that teeny bopper to get her tail off set because Na Ri showed up and he told her to come. He didn’t know the severity of her circumstances, but the fact that she got there was enough. On another note: What is up with Secretary Cha?! He is on my “annoying as…” list, too. Why he always trying to run Jung Won? I thought Jung Won was your employer--back that up Cha!

DeShonda: The director does not know what he wants. Either you want Pyo Na Ri or you don’t. Either way make up your mind and stop dangling her on a string like a puppet. She may be better off not working for the station anymore. She is a very good at the HSN hostess. When she was selling the dresses she was happy, quirky, and she really showed her personality. Great minds think alike E-Kun because I was thinking the exact same thing about Secretary Cha. He is really trying to control Go Jung Won. I may be wrong but I think that Go Jung Won’s mother is behind Secretary Cha’s control.

June: Ugh I know. I hope he backs off soon but I know that probably won’t happen.

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