Lines have been drawn--what line will you be behind? Welcome to another week of Jealousy Incarnate! While this show is so much more than who Na Ri will end up with, it is fun to speculate and share our deepest desires...even if they will not come true! On one hand, Hwa Shin is softening in the tiniest way possible and Jung Won is setting all his cards on the table before they are dealt. Join DeShonda, June, and I as we elaborate on these men and the rest of the happenings. Ready… Start!

E-Kun: So I think those were 2 very enjoyable episodes! I think we are at the point of the show where we can ask those viewing along with us what team they are on. E-Kun is, of course, TEAM JUNG WON! He has some background issues that are finally surfacing, but minor in comparison to Hwa Shin. Though, I have to admit I softened ever so slightly when he has to deal with the crazy moms, his mom, and the fact that his only brother is now dead. That is pretty rough on top of the big C word.

June: I am probably still on Team Jung Won for sure but things are probably going to get super complicated from here on out. It seems like Hwa Shin is starting to feel some way about Na Ri and Jung Won is going to have to confront the fact that his mother is pushing that arranged marriage with that one announcer.

DeShonda: I am on team Jung Won as well. He is so charming and I really think that he and Na Ri make a cute couple. I agree with you June that things are going to get rocky because Hwa Shin likes her as well. I think that Jung Won is starting to stand up for himself and confront his mother about the arranged marriage. I expect him to express his feelings to his mother even more in future episodes.

E-Kun: I agree DeShonda--he will be able to express his feelings to the correct people. Loved when he said he was starving for attention. I almost fell off my couch! So Let’s talk about someone who I really liked, but she is working on my last nerve at the moment: Red! One thing you don’t do is play with a friendship even more a bromance! I know her father died, her moms are driving her crazy, and she is young, but you should not destroy the ones that are in your corner and are trying to help you. Big BIG no-no in my book.

June: Yeah I’m trying to figure out what she is planning to do with the boys. Like you definitely don’t want to burn any bridges with them! It seems like Na Ri’s brother has some type of idea of what Red’s trying to do and he’s not having it at all. I already feel bad for the other friend too because he’s like clueless on what’s happening but I do also feel bad for Red too.

DeShonda: I really feel bad for Red. She is going through alot right now with dealing with the death of her father and her two mothers are constantly at war. It’s a lot to deal with at such a young age. Her acting out is obviously a big cry for help and I really hate to see her going down this path. I agree with you E-Kun she should not be acting out towards the people who are trying to help her but, I don’t think she realizes that right now. I am hoping that someone can help her weather it be the Chef, Hwa Shin. I just want her to get the help she needs so she does not act out anymore.

E-Kun: I agree with you both--I think she and Na Ri’s little brother know what she is doing--and I love that he is not for it! She doesn’t understand that she is displacing her emotional turmoil towards her mothers on her friends, but she is out to achieve a particular goal with brother, who shut it down immediately. I love Chef! He really is trying to do what is best for the family dynamics and for Red. I can’t stand that her mothers do not understand that they are being too intrusive too much. She just lost the one person who has loved her and been there for her. Unfortunately, I understand how she feels all too well. I am hoping that Hwa Shin will resolve whatever guilt he has and be there for her when she needs it.

June: I felt so bad for Red when they showed her crying for her dad. Poor girl is just so broken and probably feels like she doesn’t have anyone right now. I agree with both of you all! I hope Hwa Shin will resolve what happened in the past and be there for Red because the moms are too busy fighting all the time and it’s not helping Red at all. I do love how the Chef is also there for Red!

E-Kun: So about this clothes fitting… Can my measurements be taken by Jung Won? This man is adorable and knows fashion! I love to see their witty flirting and interactions with each other. I loved that they kept talking and continuing their conversation when Hwa Shin walked away. I also love the bromance Hwa Shin and Jung Won have. I feel some kind of way that Hwa Shin will not tell Jung Won about his cancer. Because he knows he is the best, he wants to spare him, but is that really being a good friend?

DeShonda: That was the most sensual clothes fitting I have ever seen, and I was loving every bit of it. Jung Won is so sweet, handsome and he does have a very good eye for fashion. Jung Won and Na Ri really do compliment each other and every time they are together I love it. I also enjoy watching the bromance between Jung Won and Hwa Shin. I agree with you E-Kun, I don’t think that Hwa Shin will tell Jung Won about his cancer either. I have a feeling that Jung Won is going to find out the news from someone else. I can understand Hwa Shin not wanting to say anything to Jung Won, but I think if he know about his cancer, it would not change the close friendship the two of them have. Also I know that Hwa Shin must feel scared to say anything to his friend. He does not want to be treated differently or he does not want anyone to feel sorry for him.

June: I agree with both of you all. I just hope that Jung Won doesn’t get too mad or something at Hwa Shin for not telling him the truth up front. I mean this is a hard situation for Hwa Shin and he is already super scared. I know he really wants to audition for the anchor role too and knows this can affect his chances.

E-Kun: That is true June. He is a man with a goal and I really do hope he is able to attain it. What I want more for him is peace of mind, a healthy recovery, and to be reunited with his family again.

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