Hello everyone and welcome back to another recap of Jealousy Incarnate. This week was full of rumors that Lee Hwa Shin and Pyo Na Ri are dating which stirred the pot at the news station, Just as Pyo Na Ri and Go Jung Won get closer in their relationship it might come to an unfortunate crashing halt, And Lee Hwa Shin drowning in sadness as he is afraid he might not only lose his best friend, but his first love as well. Join E-Kun, June, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this week's episodes of Jealousy Incarnate


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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E-Kun: Was I the only one who felt like our “beautiful happy love” time has come to an end with the ending of this week’s episodes? Just when we were getting somewhere, real life had to come and kiss away our lovely dream! With that being said, I really did enjoy the episodes. A lot of development behind everyone character was slightly revealed.

June: I agree! It feels like an all out war for Na Ri’s heart is going to start and it’s not going to fun or pretty. I also enjoyed these episodes and we did get some awesome character development from different characters. I feel like as each week goes on, more and more emotions are displayed. I feel like it’s always up and down! But I am really enjoying this drama so far! I am just wary of what will happen to Jung Won and Hwa Shin’s friendship!

DeShonda: I agree with you ladies. I am very nervous about what will happen next for Na Ri. It does not look good but hopefully things will work out somehow. I was very happy to see more character development this week as well. Na Ri finally got some confidence and gave those other reporters a piece of her mind. I was cheering for her as she was telling them off. I only hope that this continues for her. As you mentioned June, I am also very concerned about the bromance between Jung Won and Hwa Shin. I really don’t want that friendship to end badly. I like the friendship that they have with each other.

E-Kun: As I was discussing with my drama buddy, Unnichan, their relationship is extremely fragile. Jung Won has mentioned several times how they have the same taste in women and recently he said the one thing he can’t deal with is betrayal. On the other hand, you have Hwa Shin who feels some type of way about his relationship with Jung Won--totally self imposed. That is why I am scared for so many reasons. A bromance going wrong is just as bad as two people not being together for some BS reason.

June: Exactly! I feel like there was A LOT of foreshadowing this week with the whole don't hit me in the back and betrayal bit from Jung Won. I'm afraid it is going to go downhill from here. Also mentioned was Hwa Shin losing his love and friendship. I just really hope it works out in the end. Also Hwa Shin didn't go to the hospital again! He's never going to get better if he doesn't go!!

DeShonda: I really felt bad for Hwa Shin in these episodes. Especially when he was acting desperate and asking everyone with two legs if they want to date him. This was definitely a low point for him. I can understand why he was acting that way too, it was just kind of sad to see him like that. You are correct June, he is losing not only the person he loves, but also his friend. And I noticed that he never made it to his doctor's appointment as well. He was on the way there, but got a little side tracked. But he does need to go so he can get better.

E-Kun: Look, I am always throwing popcorn at the screen because Hwa Shin refuses to go to the hospital! But I have to agree DeSonda; Hwa Shin really got to me in the empathy department this week. When he said, “I can’t let her go…” but drives her right over to Jung Won, speaking nothing but amazingness and vulnerabilities the whole way, I was not only surprised by this gesture; a pang of sorrow twinged me too. While I can never “love” Hwa Shin like Jung Won, I don’t want him to always be laid up like a “$2 dolla crack ho” over missed chances.

June: I agree! Hwa Shin definitely gained some empathy from me this week and I loved the scene when he was saying how much Jung Won was better than him and even drove her to him. Like wow, that takes a lot of a person to do that but I feel like it’s about to go down the drain with this fight for Na Ri that is coming soon. I’m just hoping they don’t make Hwa Shin go down a path that makes him unredeemable.

DeShonda: Exactly June! I loved that scene as well, and I know it hurt Hwa Shin’s heart big time when he drove Na Ri to Jung Won. That took a lot of guts to do. And when he did drive her to Jung Won and to see them kiss just crushed his heart even more. Poor Hwa Shin really pulled at my heartstrings this week ladies. And it’s difficult for him to be the third wheel between them. I don’t want to see the big mess that I know is coming soon because it’s not going to be pretty at all. But despite all of the heart break, we did get some comic relief with The Chef and those “male performance enhancing pills” that was given to him. That scene had me laughing, but then the boys got a hold of them and I was worried about what the outcome would be for them.

E-Kun: June, I think the person we will have to watch for disappointment is Jung Won. Hwa Shin has already proven that he is a total mess-nothing he does will surprise me.Jung Won has been pretty amazing, but “love” can make us do/say idiotic things. About those pills...Na Ri’s brother winking at Ja Young was the best! I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe! Also, if there was no Jung Won, I would giggle in Chef’s face often. Kekekeke!

June: The pills and winking scene were so funny! I also was wondering what effects it would have on the boys and them winking was so funny! I thought it was interesting how when the Moms got home, one went to Chef’s house and the other to Red’s room. Also it looks like Granny also moved into the house too! What drama will get thrown at us on top of that now! Lol

DeShonda: Exactly! Now we have Granny that has moved in and she is not going anywhere. She had me cracking up when she was laying on the floor in the middle of the apartment. She is the only one that can discipline both of the Mom’s. Oh and one of the Mom’s ended up in Chef’s bed Lol. That was an awkward scene for the Mom, but the Chef was so calm and cool about the situation, and he even offered to make breakfast for her. But it was even more awkward when Red, the other Mom, and one of the boys saw her coming out of the Chef’s room. Talk about a big misunderstanding. Speaking of the Mom’s, I noticed that Red is standing up to her Mom’s a bit more. She kicked one of them out of her room, and she went off on both of them before she went to school. But the Mom’s needed to hear what she had to say because she was right about everything. Her father cared for her a lot more than either one of them did. But after that confrontation with the both of them, I think the Mom’s realize how they have effected Red all these years. It’s like a light went off and they got an “Ah Ha” moment.

E-Kun: Halmoni was going to move in, but I think she is still at her place. She maybe able to handle the moms, but she can’t live under the same roof as them with Red. Too many chefs in the kitchen and what not. While I was fine with Red speaking her mind, she could be respectful in her tone. I don’t like her moms and I would want to fuss at them too, but she has to realize 2 things: These women will never be her dad and they will never replace him. While it is a hard pill to swallow it is the reality. I liked how Dae Gu was utterly disgusted that someone was leaving his dad’s room!

June: I know right! It was so awkward everyone seeing her leave the Chef’s house! It was so emotional watching Red stand up to her moms and how she talked how her dad took care of her. She's still super effected that he's not with her anymore and it's understandable! I hope the moms finally get it through their heads that their methods of trying to get close to Red are not working. I still want to know how Red and Hwa Shin will repair their relationship, especially since now Granny lives at the apartment too.


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Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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