Hello and welcome back to the Jealousy Incarnate Drama Club. In this weeks episodes Jung Won finds out that Pyo Na Ri is in love with his best friend Hwa Shin, Because of this, the conflict between them only gets worse and Na Ri comes up with the idea of dating both men at the same time, further complicating this love triangle.  Join E-Kun, June, and I as we discuss these and other topics in this weeks episodes of Jealousy Incarnate


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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E-Kun: So those were some very interesting episodes. I enjoyed them a lot more than I thought, considering how I felt last week, but it left me with one huge question: Where the heck is this show going?!

June: I was not very happy with these episodes and the boys are acting like children! But I totally agree with you. I have no idea where this drama is heading and it’s kind of scaring me!

DeShonda: I really enjoyed these episodes as well. I was getting very frustrated with Pyo Na Ri however. I did not like how she was playing Hwa Shin and Jung Won. I am trying for the life of me to figure out where this series is going too. There has to be a method behind the madness.

E-Kun: I was proud of Na Ri for all of five seconds. When she said she would not talk to them, she didn’t for a whole month. Then, she gets roped back in. I may sound like a mess, but I could care less if Hwa Shin refuses to take care of himself. But OMG! The way Jung Won found out was utterly heartbreaking!

June: I really want Na Ri to really stop talking to them for longer. I honestly don’t like this push and pull from both guys trying to find out who she likes better and it’s honestly annoying me what’s happening with this love triangle. I don’t think even my love for Gong Hyo Jin’s acting can save this mess. Everyone is sadly annoying me, especially the boys, Na Ri and that reporter Jung Won is supposed to marry! But yes, Jung Won finally finding out was so sad!

DeShonda: I was happy that Na Ri stopped talking to them either. I was hoping that it would go on a bit longer as well. I knew she was going to go back and talk to Hwa Shin and Jung Won. I knew this love triangle was going to be a very big mess and I can see why you are frustrated with everyone June. I tell you my heart was broken when Jung Won found out about everything. Watching that scene was very very sad.

June: It’s just so frustrating seeing them all act this way! I sincerely hopes Na Ri just starts dating someone else. I want the boys to find someone else at this point too. I want the drama to just be over. Also, that other announcer who is supposed to marry Jung Won is annoying too! I want her to go away!

E-Kun: I have to admit, while these men are so annoying, I couldn’t help but crack up at them. Only these two fools could be friends with each other. Poor Na Ri (kinda poor her, but not really) is caught in the middle of their foolishness. I am glad that she is excelling at her job, though. Her personal life is questionable, but she is doing really well at work. And! Hwa Shin did land a position as an anchor with Hye Won. The more I see her, the more I like and appreciate her presence. Her and that Sunbae trying to get with birth mom… He is HILARIOUS!

DeShonda: In some ways I feel bad for Na Ri because she is caught in the middle, but then again I feel that she had to have known this situation was going to explode and turn bad. But you are right, she is doing rather well at her job and I am proud of her for that. I am starting to like Hye Won as well and I think she is a good match for Hwa Shin too.

June: I am really liking Hye Won too and I'm honestly surprised at that! I thought in the beginning I wouldn't but I was totally wrong. She's such an instigator and it's funny! The whole bit when the Moms were trying to find someone to change out the light was funny. I honestly don't mind when the moms are onscreen now! Lol

E-Kun: Yeah, they are actually trying to be helpful in their own way. Like giving her advice on how to deal with her predicament. I think it's funny how both of them said she should end up with Jung Won! But it just goes to show how much Hwa Shin is unliked by the women in his world. What do you think about Jung Won moving into one of his Uncle’s rooms to be Na Ri? I think it is pretty desperate and not cute… And I really do still like Jung Won!

DeShonda: I like the moms a lot more now than before as well. They are not fighting as much and actually getting along which is good. I like that they are starting to come to an understanding of one another. I loved that Na Ri went to them for advise about her situation. I was surprised that everyone knew about their relationship, however, it was out in the open for all ears to hear. And I completely agree with the both of them, Na Ri should end up with Jung Won. As far as him wanting to move in to be closer to Na Ri, it is an act of desperation but it shows that he truly loves and cares for her. But it’s going to continue to cause conflict between him and Hwa Shin. Its such a sticky situation.

June: I wish they would all move to different countries at this point. It's not cute and they really all need to be apart at this point. Ugh I just feel so frustrated with where this drama is going! >:|

E-Kun: I know! Na Ri suggesting they all live together—girl! Are you crazy? It is hard enough to live with one person, lover or roommate, and you want to live with both these idiots? I just can’t. It feels like the writer has just ran out of ideas because this show is so long and decided “Hey! Let’s have them live together for kicks and giggles!”

DeShonda: That living situation is going to very awkward if it ends up that way. I just don’t see how this could work for them all.

June: I wish it would end soon because this has become a certified mess! I hate to say it but I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to. Something needs to change!

E-Kun: It is a bit messy because we have no idea where we are going, but I am trying to laugh at the funny, scowl at the mess, and ignore everything that has to idiocy. Though, I was happy to hear Lee Sun Gyun voice cameo. It made my heart flutter because I love him so!

DeShonda: Yes! That was a great cameo I enjoyed this week. I also love Lee Sun Gyun too. I don’t know what is going to happen to our characters, but I am hoping that we come to a solultion to this very big problem. There has to be a method behind this madness.

June: That was definitely a shining light this week! I was so happy with his cameo even though we didn't get to see his face! Isn't it just so weird the direction this drama has taken!

E-Kun: It is weird. And we have 8 more episodes to go. *sigh*


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Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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