Did you get hooked on the first two episodes of Jealousy Incarnate? They surely got the Korean fans hooked, except a few weather reporters, that is.

When the romantic comedy show premiered on Wednesday, some weather reporters criticized its disrespectful portrayal of their occupations.

The first episode had showed protagonist Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin) wearing a butt pad to look more voluptuous on screen.

One female weather reporter said on her Instagram, “Weather reporters don’t wear butt pads.” Another said in an interview that she understands “Jealousy Incarnate is fictional, but it’s derogatory to weather reporters.”

Jealousy Incarnate was quick to respond to the criticism. The drama team shared via DongA news this apology, which revealed that the protagonist will eventually learn to be proud of her profession:

“We never meant to disrespect weather reporters. The character was portrayed in a theatrical way because it was a drama. We wish you would just think of it as a drama.”

Many fans who commented on the DongA news article said they knew the drama didn’t mean to shed negative light on weather reporters.

One commenter said, "I knew this would rise as an issue, but a drama is just a drama.” Another said, ”I did notice this and felt uncomfortable, but I also thought there must be a reason why they were depicted that way.” Other commenters brought different angles to the controversy. One said, "I didn't think of it as derogatory. Rather I thought it was telling of hardships people with contract positions face in the media company."

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Jealousy Incarnate

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