While most of us have been obsessing over the romantic triangle that Jealousy Incarnate explores, the drama also has a strong medical angle. Portraying the male lead as having breast cancer was a bold and brave move that won the drama many fans. Every scene was handled delicately, and we love the undertones that convey that you don't have to be physically perfect to have a sparkling love story. But more than just create breast cancer awareness, the drama has also saved the life of one lucky viewer. We have all the details!

While watching the scene in episode two, where Gong Hyo Jin feels up Jo Jung Suk's chest because she detects a lump and then goes on to talk about breast cancer symptoms, one viewer started thinking about what she was currently experiencing. 

Miss Ahn, a dedicated Jealousy Incarnate fan, had never really thought about breast cancer before. She said, "I thought to myself, I can feel something too... No way, but I remembered that the doctor told me to get a breast ultrasound after my last annual check up...When I went in, I got diagnosed with breast cancer."

She also added, "I booked an operation for the end of November. I felt like my life fell apart when I was diagnosed with cancer... but when I watched Hwa Shin (portrayed by Jo Jung Suk) get better quickly after radiotherapy, I could calmly accept my situation." 

It's remarkable how this drama influenced a life-saving move for one viewer. The happy crew of the drama responded with words of positive encouragement, stating "We were encouraged that we could provide entertainment as well as helpful information to our viewers... We sincerely hope that the viewer who wrote that will recover soon."

Isn't that a remarkable read? We at DramaFever hope Miss Ahn recovers soon! 


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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