Welcome back Jeju Islanders! We’re here with another week of Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy) Drama Club. This week things continue to develop between our lead characters, but we’re still a bit torn — will this lead to amazing friendship or sizzling romance? Join Taleena, and yours truly, Marakeshesparrow, as we discuss the budding relationships and heart pounding moments of this week’s episodes.

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Marakeshsparrow: I AM STILL TOTALLY CONFUSED. There are so many different romances/relationships budding //heads spins//. I don’t know what to think. Mainly re: Geon Woo and Jung Joo. Sometimes they play just like brother and sister and other times it seems like drama wants us to believe there is a romance a brewin’. I mean, let’s be real--the classic kdrama tropes dictate that they eventually fall in love, but I’m still wondering if the Hong sisters are going to pull the rug from under our feet and say they actually are twins!

Taleena: I don’t know Marakeshsparrow. I’d say if ANYONE was going to upend the formula it would be the Hong’s. I finally saw some non-fraternal leanings from Gun Woo, but darn it if they were tentative and ambiguous at the most! I am totally disgusted that he is so hung up on String ‘Em Along that he doesn’t care that she plays this game. He can see exactly what she is, but doesn’t care?! Ugh! What is sad is that is so true to life. I totally know guys and girls who are exactly like that and my response is exactly the same as Jung Joo’s: what is wrong with you!! What do you think?

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! String ‘Em Along is the absolute worst. She is seriously in the running for most annoying second female lead ever--at least in my book. But there was a moment, when Geon Woo was talking about how much he liked her and how he would always like her even if she marries another man; for a wee second, she seemed conflicted, human almost. ALMOST. Still, I wonder if there’s hope that she will have some kind of transformation and learn to not be such a B.

Taleena: Was she there when he said that? Was that when she came huffing back to the door and then paused? If she heard that then she knew that the “almost kiss” was a total bluff for her benefit. Here’s the other thing. If the news that Gun Woo received the day he first met String ‘Em confirmed, or at least hinted, at Jung Joo being a sibling, don’t you think in his vulnerable state he might have spilled something of his secret to String ‘Em?

Marakeshsparrow: She wasn’t there when he said that, but his voice played over an image of her looking remorseful. which I don't think was a random choice. Also, I think Geon Woo can be farey obtuse, he probaly wouldn’t spill a secret that he doesn’t deem worth thinking about. I think the twin talk has more or less left his mind. I don’t know, I’m still thinking there might be a chance… On another note--what are we thinking about the male model/warlock from Nightwatchman’s Journal Mayor? --sorry, still can’t let that go (not sorry). A part of me is seriously rooting for this to develop into a romance. Every now and then I catch a loving glint in Mayor’s eyes. I know he’s getting the feels for Jung Joo, since she’s so spunky and cute.

Taleena: I am hearing the bell toll loud and long for the death of my romance hopes for Jung Joo. Mr. Mayor got the biggest Second Lead edit these last two episodes it makes me want to cry. First, Kooky Blogger (who, it seems, has her own coffee bringing Man) captures Mr. Mayor looking dumbfounded by Good Looking Diver Wannabe talking to Jung Joo. Then, Gun Woo finds out Mr. Mayor’s Big Secret. Last, Mr. Mayor got to be the shoulder that Jung Joo weeps on after she fingers laundry pensively. Dang it! Secret underwear models should get a better chance!

Marakeshsparrow: Really? I’m still feeling like there may be a possibility for love. (Or maybe I’m just feeling biased because I want to believe that Jung Joo and Geon Woo are siblings)

Taleena: OH I’m with you. I am still shipping Mr. Mayor, it’s just I hate the romantic pairing of Gun Woo and String ‘Em Along. Maybe she’ll get more sympathetic.

Marakeshsparrow: What about the Warm and Cozy owners’ developing friendships with the townspeople? I for one am happy to see that one ahjumma is finally on their side after Geon Woo invited her and her grandchildren to eat at the restaurant.

Taleena: I am loving how Jung Joo’s developing relationships with the townspeople and then making Gun Woo do it too. (Even if he acts no better than an eight year old with a BB gun. OMO that was both horrifying and funny.)

Marakeshsparrow: I also find it interesting that Jung Joo applied to be a lady diver. She’s really immersing herself in the culture and trying to live like one of the locals. I really like her spunky spirit. I’ve liked her from the beginning, but she continues to grow on me. And now Poong San knows the truth! Do you think the gig is up for Jung Joo? I like that he is keeping her secret (for his own reasons) but I think now it’s only a matter of time before Geon Woo figures out.

Taleena: The dime has dropped and now Poong San knows that Jung Joo was only crunching stress mints and not Oxycotin. *evil chuckle* One, it’s just delicious that he would tell Gun Woo - except Gun Woo is such an ass when he isn’t worried about Jung Joo’s health. Two, I loved how when Jung Joo starts to lay into Gun Woo about his stupid behavior with String ‘Em, Poong San just quietly glides away from the drama. We’ve all been there Poong San.

Marakeshsparrow: So another romance that has me clutching at my pearls (...if I had pearls…), is the relationship between Resort Oppa and Lady Diver. //starts singing// Hold me closer Lady Diiiiverr //EHEM// Sorry, don’t know why that came to mind. ANYWAY, I really like their interactions. It feels like they’re a perfect match for each other and I’m excited to see how it develops.

Taleena: I continue to love Resort Oppa’s infatuation with Lady Diver. He has no defenses against her, is dancing to her tune, and suddenly all his confidence and self assurance is stripped away like a teen boy’s braggadocio. His complete and utter horror at the words that continually fly out of his mouth--and are crushed against her impassive expression--has me laughing so hard. Oh goodness! And accidentally grabbing her breasts?! I didn’t think I could laugh any harder. Especially combined with that track suit with the sparkly skulls which, I’m sorry, no one over 22 should wear. I don’t care if you are a trendy Korean man, it is just ridiculous. My granny would call it mutton dressed up as lamb.

Taleena: Sp, how long do you think that Resort Oppa’s identity will be secret? I would be shocked, SHOCKED!, if it lasted through episode 7.

Marakeshsparrow: I was honestly surprised that his secret is still in place. He keeps going on about how he’s a black pearl--I guess they just think he’s not “all there”. Haha. Some poor man who goes around in rhinestone studded track suits. I’m thinking it will probably all come to light by 8 or 9 though. It’s already lasted this long! I think we’re in for a few more misunderstandings.

Taleena: Burning question of the week: How does Kooky Blogger know the secret of Gun Woo’s mom and dad?!

Marakeshsparrow: Really good question! I’m thinking she’s just a busy body that has done her research and found hidden truths from the locals or from archives. I thought it was interesting that she’s going to write a love story about Geon Woo’s parents. That photo tho--THE MYSTERY THO. It’s Jung Joo’s photo. Doesn’t it seem like this might lead to them actually being siblings? Ah, I can’t get past that thought! I honestly would like to see it happen, so I guess that’s why I keep holding on to it.

So there you have it--another week past and more questions asked. The vote is still out on how these relationships will develop (will Resort Oppa have what is takes to win the heart of teh salt-of-the-earth Lady Diver? Will Geon Woo and Jung Joo realize they have feelings for each other, or will they learn that blood is thicker than water? And what exactly are red clay underpants? We’ll have to wait until next week’s episodes of Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy) to find out! Annyeong! 

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