Welcome, Drama Clubbers to another fun-filled week of Jeju Island Gatsby (a.k.a Warm and Cozy)! This week was full of silly mishaps, and awkward assumptions that got out characters into some sticky situations! Read more as Taleena, Marakeshsparrow, and I discuss this week's episodes!

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Jazmine: During this week’s episodes of Jeju Island Gatsby (a.k.a Warm and Cozy) we saw our beloved characters put themselves in situations that could have been easily avoided if they only used their words and stopped assuming things. We all know the old saying about assumptions, so ladies who do you think made the biggest….uh….ya know….out of themselves this week?

Taleena: Pick me! Pick Me! Honestly, the biggest fool has GOT to be Gun Woo with his persistent belief in Jun Joo’s fragility, all indications to the contrary. Although, I really, REALLY want it to be Ms. String ‘Em Along, with her assumption that she can have either brother whenever she wants.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG. I was just about to say, that not only is he making a fool of himself thinking Jung Joo is dying of cancer, but also assuming that Ms. String ‘Em Along is actually interested in him. Because clearly she just likes the attention. Ugh. So annoying! Did anyone else want to slap her in these eps? Slash slap Gun Woo.

Jazmine: I also would pick Gun Woo. Not only did he assume so much about Jung Joo but he was a complete jerk these two episodes! I understand getting flustered at the thought of your first love reappearing but would a courtesy call saying “hey I’m not gonna fix your roof” or “hey i am stealing your things to buy something expensive for someone else” be too much? I was just done with him after a minute or so. It was seriously frustrating me. And his first love is SO mean, I cannot stand her. She looks down on everyone and is just a rude person. How dare she even get remotely jealous is Gun Woo has a girl around especially after all she’s done to him. I can’t.

Marakeshsparrow: Right? Gun Woo had some seriously low moments in these episodes. I couldn’t believe he stole her golden key to buy champagne for his “first love” and then have the audacity to act all indignant with Jung Joo when she called him on it. I’m a little sad, because I had higher hopes for his character. I guess he really is the spoiled rich boy from my first impression. He had some sweet moments too though. It leaves me a little confused on how to feel about him.

Taleena: The thing about Gun Woo is he really has NO concept of the value of a W. Because he has never had to really earn or scrap on his own, he doesn’t understand why she is so angry. He’s never understood about not having a safety net. What drove me the most BANANAs with String Em’ Along is her coy little, “Oppa is an old friend” titter with the PR department lady. She is just doing her level best to land that fish.

Jazmine: That upset me too! She’s using her “position” as Resort Oppa’s friend to look down even more on people who are supposed to be her coworkers. However, it delighted me when Resort Oppa promptly put her in her place. She’s there to work not socialize. And speaking of Resort Oppa, his whole fiasco with the cigarette and the vision of the mermaid. I liked his interactions with the diver lady but if their relationship goes anywhere he’s definitely going to have to change a bit. He doesn’t seem as rich and snooty as Gun Woo but calling himself a “black pearl” (which reminds me of the EXO song) is definitely a red flag. What did you guys think?

Marakeshsparrow: So I’m really glad you brought this moment up, because I love how he first saw the lady diver as a mermaid. AND--I’m also loving that this secondary story is taking on the whole rich guy, poor girl theme rather than the main story line. (I know, I know, it seems like that’s the case with Gun Woo and Jung Joo as well, but the more I watch this, the more I’m thinking they’re actually going to turn out to be brother and sister). Anyway, I think Resort Oppa needs a taste of the real world, someone who can ground him and not constantly suck up to him, and the cool diver lady may be just what the doctor ordered.

Taleena: OK, Resort Oppa is my favorite character so far. I loved everything about him this week from his “iron willpower” posturing over cigarettes, to his vow to the sea, to his vision of the Lady Diver as a Mermaid (complete with Enya music and Ariel wig. I am forever grateful Hong sisters), to the “black pearl” (I immediately thought of Johnny Depp), to the slaps he received from the “live and be grateful” speech and the boardroom fantasy. I agree that Resort Oppa needs Lady Diver’s ego pricking grounding, but the one thing that is going for him is that he obviously knows the value of hard work and is trying his best to help Gun Woo grow up.

Jazmine: I agree with you Marakeshsparrow, Resort Oppa definitely needs someone who can ground him and I think the diver lady mermaid is just the girl. I like her character so much even though she’s only had a few scenes. Hopefully she gets more screen time. I also loved his Resort Oppa’s speech to the sea. It was such a good characterization moment for him.

Taleena: My Book of Theories says Lady Diver knows the deal with Gun Woo’s parentage. Lady Diver’s little smile when she mentioned having a “black pearl” was priceless.

Jazmine: However, I disagree with thinking that Gun Woo and Jung Joo are brother and sister. I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I just don’t see it. I need more answers about Jung Joo’s past. And speaking of Jung Joo that girl made quite a few assumptions herself this week, and she was involved in some as well. First, she assumed that she was Gun Woo’s first love which created an hilarious “love is the moment” reference. And the locals are assuming she got put together with the Mayor (who is my fave so far). What do guys think? What’s your reaction to her first assumption? And how do you feel about her and the Mayor (I kinda ship it).

Taleena: I am shipping her and Mr. Mayor. I loved how he helps her out (if also saying how stupid it is under his breath in Jeju-ese) and how he was showing Jung Joo how to ingratiate herself in with the Islanders. As a denizen of a small island myself, I know how important it is to make yourself part of the locals and how long it takes. Also, Jung Joo tries to make assumptions about her relationships, but reality always seems to smack her in the face, doesn’t it?

Marakeshsparrow: I do feel bad for the assumptions Jung Joo keeps making re: Gun Woo, and I can understand her confusion! He’s been so caring (sometimes) with her, and the whole thing about meeting his first love on his 19th birthday...I would probably make the same mistake. BUT I’m definitely in agreement with you both and am shipping Jung Joo with Mr. Mayor. They have pretty great chemistry (also, I love when all her co-workers found out that he was the underwear model--too funny!) But I’m still holding out belief that there’s going to be a turn from the traditional k-drama trope and Jung Joo and Gun Woo are going to end up really being twins. I could totally be wrong! But there are certain things I can’t overlook, like how Gun Woo’s mother had the same photo Jung Joo had of her parents. How they both have similar looks (to a certain extent), and also they totally bicker and play around like brother and sister. I’m definitely getting a sibling vibe more than a romantic one for now. Things could definitely develop differently, but I’m honestly hoping this takes a turn for the unexpected--because let’s be real, the rich boy/poor girl storyline (as the main plot) has been done to death, even when it’s done well.

Jazmine: I felt bad for Jung Joo too, especially because she kinda seemed glad or at least flattered that she was his first love. I also don’t blame her for outright asking. How do you even bring that up in normal conversation. Jung Joo and the Mayor are downright adorable. Okay, so I get what you’re saying, Marakeshsparrow, about the chemistry between Jung Joo and Gun Woo being more sibling-ish than romantic. I haven’t really felt the romantic vibe just yet. I do want to know about the picture too and what exactly Gun Woo’s mom said to him on his 19th birthday. However, I feel like it’s too early in the drama for those questions to be answered *le sigh*. The story is taking an interesting turn and if Jung Joo and Gun Woo are siblings then that would be a great twist and I would be happy. Who doesn’t love a good twist? I just don’t want Gun Woo to be with String ‘em Along. Either there needs to be another love interest or she has to change.

Taleena: I agree that there isn’t a romantic vibe between Jung Joo and Gun Woo, rather a sort of harmony of outlook and understanding growing between them. I think honestly it could go either way. When I think back to previous Hong Sister dramas, (spoiler alert for My Girl go watch it already!) they set you all up for Yoo Rin to be the long lost cousin, but then didn’t go there and she was just who she said she was. I think that we can expect the Hongs to do whatever they want without treading well worn paths. I could envision a drama where the only romantic pairing to happen is Lady Diver and Resort Oppa. I kind of am hoping we see more of the food blogger. She seems totally taken with Gun Woo and manages to give voice to his wish to communicate through food.

Marakeshsparrow: Three things: 1) I would totally be on board with a drama where the only romance was between the “older” secondary leads. 2) I agree with Jazmine, that if Jung Joo and Gun Woo /do/ turn out to be siblings, Leads ‘Em On has GOT TO GO. I really won’t be able to stomach him with her. And 3) I had the same thought about the food blogger! She might make for an interesting love interest for Gun Woo. Regardless, I hope we get to know her character better. She seems like she has a really interesting story hiding right below the surface.

Taleena: The food blogger was so colorful and kind of kooky. Her blatant photographing of Jung Joo with the huge smile just makes me warm inside, and the “Gone with the Wind” theme to her scarf floating away and her random comment was so wonderful.

Jazmine: I didn’t even think of the food blogger as a love interest for Gun Woo but now that the thought is there...OMG. I can see it. She’s eccentric and funny, and even though she was only in the drama for like 5mins. I like her. Speaking of blogging and restaurants, let’s talk about Jung Joo and Gun Woo’s drunken night that ended up in Jung Joo practically owning/managing/renting the restaurant. She assumed it was all hers, but of course Gun Woo couldn’t just leave it alone. What did you all think?

Marakeshsparrow: I knew he wouldn’t be able to just walk away from Warm and Cozy, that something would bring him back. Have to say though, I’m a little disappointed the reason he ran back to Jeju was because of Leads ‘Em On… but, eh, at least they’re working together now. I feel like it was inevitable. I think they could really make a go out of having a successful business together. He was lacking any sort of drive or business sense, and she was lacking a cafe that wasn’t falling apart and leaking all over the place. I think they’re both what the other needed. I have a feeling Warm and Cozy is really going to take off now! And I have to say, I loved the whole part where Gun Woo kept trying to sleep up in the attic with her. It was too cute! This is why I’m torn with his character: sometimes he makes me really angry and others I’m cracking up! //sigh// Whatever their relationship ends up being, it’s hard to deny that they’re pretty entertaining together.

Jazmine: I really like that they’re working together now. It makes me so happy, and I was oh so happy that Jung Joo is out of that shabby house. If she couldn’t get it fixed it was not safe for her to be there. I also thought the whole sleeping in the attic thing was cute. Jung Joo and Gun Woo work well together. I think as their relationship grows and their characters grow they will become the embodiment of Warm and Cozy.

Marakeshsparrow: I felt so bad for her when her roof flew away! I kind of wanted to see her turn the place around and make something out of it, but I think its just as well that she’s at Warm and Cozy now. The place has so much potential and Gun Woo was pretty much squandering it.

Taleena: Yeah, they are a good partnership, but the whole getting drunk and later attic scene really set in the non-romantic nature of their relationship. I really think Gun Woo doesn’t see her romantically AT ALL, whether that is due to his willful blindness or Non-Audienced shared knowledge we will just have to stay watching to find out.

Marakeshsparrow: I feel like there are a lot of possibilities with this drama! A lot of things up in the air. It will be interesting to see what direction the Hong Sisters take it.

What did you think of this week's episodes? Are Jung Joo and Gun Woo really brother and sister? How do you feel about the buzzing relationships? Let us know in the comments below!

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