Welcome back Drama Clubbers for another exciting week with Jeju Island Gatsby (a.k.a Warm and Cozy)! This week emotions were toyed with, kisses happened, and the plot thickens. Continue reading to find out what Taleena, Marakeshsparrow, and I have to say about this week's episodes. Taleena also provides a pretty interesting plot theory that you do not want to miss! Read on!

Watch episode 9:

Marakeshsparrow: So I have to say, as endearing and funny as Geon Woo can be, he was starting to get on my nerves in these episodes. The way he’s leading Jung Joo on is seriously NOT COOL. He needs to “go” or get off the pot, hahaha. The thing that frustrates me the most is that I can see that he likes her already, but his brain hasn’t really caught up with his heart. //shakes fist in air//

Taleena: Marakeshsparrow, I believe my granny used to call the “fish or cut bait”. I too am super frustrated that Geon Woo is being so selfish. Jung Joo has TOLD him she has feelings, so he is not doing this in isolation. I am shipping Jung Joo and Mr. Mayor quite hard - even though I know it is pointless - because she is not leading him on at all. Still, Mr. Mayor knows he is fighting against Geon Woo and his stupid hold over Jung Joo and I am glad he’s giving it a good fight. I just don’t want to see him heartbroken at the end of the show.

Jazmine: I feel like Geon Woo is so taking advantage of Jung Joo’s feelings and it’s terrible. He is terrible. Everyone feels kinda special when someone likes them, but he’s manipulating Jung Joo’s feelings. That’s not healthy! It’s so sad to watch Jung Joo struggle with this especially because I’ve had personal experience with this (as I’m sure so many have). I also started shipping Mr. Mayor and Jung Joo more, Taleena. Jung Joo clearly has no feelings for him, and I applaud her for being honest and upfront that she liked someone. I want Mr. Mayor to find someone. He’s such a good guy. It’s like we’re seeing two sides of a coin. Geon Woo is being manipulative with the feelings or someone who likes him and Jung Joo is handling the situation much more human-like.

Taleena: Mr. Mayor is the turkey sandwich to Geon Woo’s egg salad. Right? You know a turkey sandwich is always going to be tasty, but it is easy and prosaic sometimes. The egg salad? MMM... when it is good it is very, very good, but boy howdy can make you sick if it has gone off!

Marakeshsparrow: Hahahaha! That’s an amazing analogy. I had some serious hope for Mr. Mayor, but he has been second-male-leaded SO hard--I know there’s no chance for him anymore. Ah, the age-old Kdrama question: why do the manipulative bullies win the girl’s heart and the nice guys are left to hang like a dirty old sock? At the same time, Jung Joo can’t force feelings when she doesn’t have them, and it’s pretty clear that Mr. Mayor doesn’t make her heart flutter. I have to respect Jung Joo for not only being honest with him about her feelings, but also being true to herself and following her heart...as painful as it may prove to be.

Taleena: Can we talk a little bit about Resort Oppa and Lady Diver before jumping back to Geon Woo and Jung Joo? Lady Diver was trying on a little of the “follow your heart” jazz after Resort Oppa acted like a real person and not a crazy twenty year old. (Apologies to 20 year olds everywhere, but it looks bad on a 40 year old man.)

Jazmine: *takes arrow out of heart from Taleena’s comment cause I am 23*. Hahaha no, Resort Oppa was acting very immature. He was the crazy 20 year old chaebol who thought he could win over the girl by wowing her but not telling her he was rich???? I kinda understood his logic for not wanting to reveal who he was but he went about it the wrong way. Though after that Lady Diver did take a chance of him. It was touching to see her try after what she had been through with her deceased husband. All that time she spent alone and grieving, I was happy for her, but Resort Oppa was just making it difficult. Along with that whole thing with….the sister….you know, that was messed up.

Taleena: Heh. I DO get that Resort Oppa both wanted to impress her with his money and achievements but wanted to be chosen for himself WITHOUT said money and achievements. I also really enjoyed the rich man gives the poor girl a magical dress + date trope on a realistic level. I think it is important for Lady Diver to feel like she is his equal, because anything less than that would make her feel like a phony in her own life. That his little sister was b*tchy, accused her of stealing and being the maid, well that just broke whatever tentative thought Lady Diver had about making it work.

Marakeshsparrow: I think the fact that Lady Diver saw Resort Oppa as just an ordinary man was one of the things that solidified his feelings for her, and it definitely leveled the playing field--they were just two people rather than rich guy poor girl. I also agree that the whole makeover scene worked well here. That trope has gotten pretty stale for me, but seeing it with the secondary, more “mature” leads adds a kind of freshness that I could definitely appreciate. AND have to say, the sister has been driving me NUTS recently. She keeps getting involved where she has no business to be involved and making a mess of things! She never has a full grasp of the situation or the details and yet still she sticks her nose in it. UGH. I didn’t dislike her at first, but she’s proving to be a real pain. She should go on a shopping trip to Seoul with Leads ‘Em On (since it’s seems like they’re such good “friends”) and NEVER COME BACK.

Jazmine: Okay yes, I loved that makeover too. It was nice the way he did it, instead of throwing her into the arms of these unknown women and then her just appearing nice. He explained it nicely and I appreciated that. The sister is also annoying me like crazy. I like her in the beginning because she was kinda an advocate for Geon Woo, a sort of mediator for him and Resort Oppa. Now? She’s completely in the way. Having money is not a license for being a bad person, and the way she just assumed so much about Lady Diver simply from her clothes was astonishing. Does she only wear fancy dress? Does she not have any relaxed clothes? It simply blew my mind that she could fathom treating another human being that way based off appearances. I just wished it didn’t bother Lady Diver so much, but I think that’s when she realized how different her and Resort Oppa were and that sucked.

Taleena: I want to defend Noona here a little bit. Part of it is how Resort Oppa described his mystery woman. He described her as a fellow CEO. In Noona’s experience that conjures a particular set of expectations that will not be met by a local woman in relaxed clothes. Especially knowing that her brother was waiting to hear a response to a formalish question, she has her mind set for a grander appearance by the woman that completely bowled over her brother. That she saw the necklace and THEN accused Lady Diver of being a thief (WHO would steal a necklace by wearing it openly around?) is a poor reflection on her ability to control her mouth.

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena, you’re definitely right that Noona couldn’t have guessed Lady Diver was the mystery woman, especially when Resort Oppa said she was a Chairwoman. But the necklace situation, and even more so, her acceptance and willing to believe everything Leads ‘Em On tells her is something that really bothers me. Probably because I CAN’T STAND Leads ‘Em On, seriously though. She’s got to be one of the most unpleasant second female leads ever written, and yet both Noona and Geon Woo stick with her. WHAT? How can anyone like such a miserable, nasty chick?

Taleena: You obviously never watched Greatest Marriage, Marrakeshsparrow. You feel me don’tchya Jaz?

Jazmine: Oh yes, that show….it’s in a league of it’s own. That second female lead will have questioning everything you thought you knew about crazy second female leads.

Marakeshsparrow: I didn’t watch it, no. BUT--I have seen my share of nasty second female leads. It’s not so much that this girl is that evil or anything, but there’s something about the way the actress plays her. Bleck. I just don’t like her face or her expressions, she always looks like she’s so unhappy (or just totally fake). I couldn’t stand to be around someone like that.

Jazmine: Yeah I get you though Marakeshsparrow . I hate it when characters just follow along to whatever they’re told and alternatively characters who will say anything to get what they want. But essentially Leads ‘Em On is playing her role so kudos I guess. Anyway, the one redeeming moment Geon Woo had these two episodes is when he called out Leads ‘Em On in the middle of a lie she was telling to Noona. I was happy, and then he went outside after her and ruined it. Leads ‘Em On is essentially what Geon Woo could have become to Jung Joo if he was a lesser person and Jung Joo wasn’t as strong as she is. It’s ironic how he’s projecting the way he’s been treated onto Jung Joo.

Taleena: One thing I thought particularly telling was Geon Woo saying that he is drawn to Leads ‘Em On because she reminds him of his mom. I have a lot of sympathy for someone who has ambition and wants to maximize her choices. I DON’T have sympathy for the tearing down for tearing down’s sake that Leads ‘Em exhibits. The fact that she is now taking Geon Woo as a serious prospect because his maternal uncle (Baek) will make him his heir is wearying.

Marakeshsparrow: OMG! When Noona told her that info, I could practically see the dollar signs in her eyes. Gross. I’m glad you brought up Geon Woo’s mother though! I feel like there is a very complicated and interesting story behind his and Jung Joo’s parentage. The blogger/novelist seems very interested in it anyway, and apparently there’s some connection with Lady Diver’s husband as well? I’m really interested to learn what the truth is about their mysterious past on Jeju Island.

Jazmine: After all that Geon Woo had been through for her and all she put him through it was kinda disheartening to learn why she all of a sudden wanted to accept his feelings. I’m not surprised. It’s just sad. With the whole author lady, I actually kinda liked in the beginning. She was eccentric and a little mysterious and I was intrigued by her purpose in the drama. However, after learning what that purpose is….I’m torn. Half of me is like “yay, we’ll get answers” and the other half is like “don’t you go being mean and making things unpleasant for Lady Diver!” I don’t think she’ll be too much of a problem. I hope she’ll ask permission though before actually using someone’s real life for her profit. Also, I am very very intrigued to see Lady Diver’s connection to Geon Woo’s dad or mom. Taleena you called it awhile ago that Lady Diver was involved and now we get to see it come to fruition.


Taleena: I think the connection to Lady Diver is pretty well explained, right? Geon Woo’s father killed her husband in a car accident 20 years ago. Island life can get pretty small as Geon Woo is learning the hard way. Want to know what my crystal ball says? It says: “Two households both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we set our scene.” Wait, no, that is Romeo and Juliet. Bad Precedent for this show. It says, “Two Households! Two babies! Two Brothers?! Geon Woo’s mom fell in love with a poor but ambitious Jeju man. He leaves to make heap big cash (as my people say) and she, being ambitious and social climbing herself, marries first one rich man and then a second. One day they meet again on Jeju where the once poor man has returned to the bosom of his family - including his brother, triumphant. A torrid affair ensues which scandalizes the locals. Because the affair was illicit, the news of her pregnancy is a Dramatic Thing. Speeding along a dark road to meet his mistress, he kills Lady DIver’s hubby. The scandal breaks the man’s extended family. The End. For now.

Marakeshsparrow: Well now I know why Quirky Blogger wants to make a novel out of this! I like your prediction and I feel like it’s going to be really close to the truth. Since now it’s pretty clear that Jung Joo and Geon Woo aren’t twins (despite my hopes), I knew there had to be some dramatic connection with their parents. I think this would pretty much take the cake. But, wait, would that make them...cousins? LOL

Jazmine: That is a very plausible theory….and I would not be surprised if every word is true.

Marakeshsparrow: Taleena...would your family name happen to be...Hong? hahaha

Taleena: Lol. OK, ONE more thing. I hesitate to mention it because it’s so dark to contemplate. If we take the name “Gatsby” seriously we have to look at the implications of that car wreck.

Marakeshsparrow: Ahhhh, I see where you’re going with this and it hadn’t actually occurred to me. Are you thinking Geon Woo’s dad was possibly covering for the real person who was driving the car? Hmmmm….and so the plot thickens...

Jazmine: OMG. I will fangirl out if they really parallel the car wreck to The Great Gatsby. I just love that novel so much and so that would be pretty cool to see. Also sad.

Taleena: This would explain the breaking of the family and the reason that Jung Joo’s father was penniless, bitter and raging. It would also explain why the Hong’s changed the title to Warm and Cozy. If Lady Diver’s hubby were also stepping out on her (because EVERYONE was having an affair in Great Gatsby) it would explain her long isolation in widowhood. Who’d want to have a relationship after that double blow? To the pictures! Ho!

What do you think Drama Clubbers? Is Taleena's theory spot on or do you have your own version of events?  Also, do you think the man and woman are the same in both pictures or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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