Well, Islanders, we’re here again ready to dive in for the sixth week of Jeju Island Gatsby (a.k.a Warm and Cozy) and learn what new dark family history will be revealed, which characters have found love, and what annoying misunderstandings are keeping Jung Joo uncertain of her choice between Mr. Mayor and Geon Woo. He finally admitted his feelings, but will Jung Joo accept or even believe him? What will the Mayor do to try to win her heart over for good? And will Lady Diver and Resort Oppa finally find some happiness? Stick with Taleena, Jazmine, et moi, Marakeshsparrow, as we get into the nitty gritty and break it all down!

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Taleena: Before we get started I kind of want to give myself a pat on the prognosticating back! *pat pat* The only thing is: how are they going to square the whole Geon Woo/Jung Joo romance because holy moly it looks like they may be siblings (albeit HALF) after all?

Jazmine: They have different moms and dads, right? Did I miss something? We saw Jung Joo’s mom, who obviously wasn’t Geon Woo’s mom….but I thought Jung Joo’s dad passed away. Not gonna lie I was really confused these two episodes playing who is who. You were spot on Taleena with your theories and all, but I was confused. Geon Woo also annoyed me a lot. I got all the feels during the “romantic” parts but geez he just bugged me throughout. Also, him removing himself is definitely not the answer, but this is Kdrama land so it’s to be expected.

Marakeshsparrow: I think there’s some kind of complicated connection between Geon Woo’s parents and Jung Joo’s. I was definitely a bit confused when they did the whole quick run-down of who is who, but what I got out of it is that both sets of parents spent a lot of time together and were good friends. There might have even been some kind of affair? (Why else the strange wife swapping for the photos?) I think we’re pretty safe from the sibling zone though--even though I had been rooting for that plot twist for a while.

Taleena: What did we find out? 1) the two sets of couples that tramped around Jeju together we (nominally) Geon Woo and Jung Joo’s parents. 2) Each parent photo show two different guys. 3) Kooky Blogger finds out that the man in Geon Woo’s photo was NOT actually his dad. It was the guy taking the picture - ergo Jung Joo’s “dad”. 4) The man who is nominally Geon Woo’s dad took the rap for killing Lady Diver’s hubby 30 years ago. (Side Note: How old IS Lady Diver? 46? They all mentions she was super young when she was widowed.) 5) He spent 15 years in jail without parole. 6) He got SOMEONE preggers - Jung Joo’s mom? Did I miss anything?

Jazmine: Okay, before I raise my questions. I definitely hope we are out of the sibling zone, Marakeshsparrow. Even though Geon Woo is bothering me, this shipping is happening. Anyway, Taleena….I thought that the guy who took the picture was Geon Woo’s dad. Since he’s the one that showed up anyway. The picture that Jung Joo’s mom gave her has her dad and the guy that took the picture look nothing alike. I’m going with that there is no familial relations between Jung Joo and Geon Woo at this point. I think Lady Diver is like 49 or something. They mentioned briefly that she was like 19 when her husband died so 30 years later….

Marakeshsparrow: Annnd….I’m still confused. I was hoping for some sort of twist from the Hong Sisters with this drama, but so far it just seems like that twist is a confusing family history. ANYWAY, shady and convoluted beginnings aside, I want to talk about some of the love and misunderstandings that have been happening in these episodes. 

Marakeshsparrow: I for one was very frustrated that Lady Diver and Resort Oppa were at such odds since they clearly are crazy about each other. So when they finally came together after she was rescued from the ocean, I was soooo happpy!!! And everything that came after in their relationship was very cute. Even though they’re technically the secondary story line, I feel like the dynamic of their relationship is following the typical OTP arc and I’m LOVING IT. Also, very happy that Lady Diver totally shot down the annoying Sister (Noona) and stood up for herself in regards to liking her “black pearl”. That was a big hooray! moment for me.

Taleena: Yeah, Lady Diver shutting down Noona was pretty great. Noona is not used to someone who knows themselves. I don’t want to say I am “over” the Jung Joo romance, but I will say I would be a lot more frustrated with the show if it was the only romance on the show. Lady Diver and Resort Oppa have a great dynamic and I had the feels when he was clutching the helmet and remembering the mean things he last said to her. If this had been a typical K drama, they would have had him do something ridiculous and over the top while she was gone. I am So Glad that he just had a human moment when all he could do was wait.

Jazmine: Agreed! I half-way thought that he was going to jump in after her, but I am so glad he didn’t. It was actually more intense that he just sat there and waited. In real life, that’s all we can do. Lady Diver and Resort Oppa are a saving grace for romance on this show sometimes. They have their “ugh this is so cliche” moments, but I also like their dynamic. And I was so happy that Lady Diver had some words with Noona because it was needed. Also, how cute was Resort Oppa when he was like “she likes me cause I’m handsome”....it was adorable. They are adorable.

Taleena: Can I just Zig to a random new topic? Adorable is Kim Sung Oh as all of Mr. Mayor’s relatives. I laughed a couple of pounds off with him in drag as Mr. Mayor’s sister.

Marakeshsparrow: That was amazing! When Jung Joo said she’d had a good time with his family and how it was interesting being in a room full of people who all looked the same, I almost died. The imagery! Can you imagine being surrounded by Mayors? It made me think of the Jeju version of Being John Malkovitch. Too funny!

Taleena: Here I show my age and think of Sir Alec Guinness in “Kind Hearts and Coronets”. Maybe, “Nutty Professor?” “Coming to America?” Just about any Eddie Murphy movie of a certain era?

Jazmine: I have no cool outside reference for this except Orphan Black….which is a completely different type of show. Omg, yeah Eddie Murphy movies were kinda like that. Anyhoo, I also died laughing at all the family members of the Mayor. It was so hilarious and a good comedic break from everything else going on. Speaking of the Mayor, what do you guys think of his more aggressive approach to winning over Jung Joo? He told her to not be swayed anymore, and he’s not correcting the misunderstanding with his family members. I think it’s brave and that he’s really putting himself out there. Something tells me he’ll end up hurt, but I think it’s courageous that he’s trying.

Marakeshsparrow: I was just about to bring that up and you beat me to it! I have mixed feelings about Mayor’s new aggressive stunt. A part of me says, “Bravo!” but then the other part of me is definitely sailing on the Geon Woo/Jung Joo ship (like I said, I had to let my hope for siblings go a few eps back). I was pretty happy that Geon Woo finally admitted his feelings to himself and to Jung Joo and now there are all these misunderstandings! For one, Geon Woo should just stop beating around the bush and say “Listen to me! I came to get you when you were drunk. I’m giving you Warm and Cozy. And I love you. So there!” rather than trying to get her to remember things from when she was drunk. But Mayor’s “omission” definitely isn’t helping matters. I don’t think I’d care so much if it wasn’t clear that Jung Joo just isn’t going to have the same feelings for the Mayor. I feel bad for him since I know he won’t win her over in the end. He seems so happy right now, but I think he just needs to own up to the truth and let her go. I mean come on, Geon Woo and Jung Joo are just so cute together!

Taleena: Omo! You’re so shipping Geon Woo Marakeshsparrow! I am very happy with the Mayor’s (ultimately pointless if I read my tea leaves right) step up in game. Geon Woo has straight out told her what happened when she was drunk, but she doesn’t believe him because he is so mercurial. I am not a “there is only ONE true lurrve for everyone” kind of a person - I hold the theory that true love can grow in almost any healthy relationship. That Geon Woo has so much growing up to do has never been a point in his favor. I don’t want him to walk away broken hearted, but I DO really like the fact that he is starting to realize that putting other people’s happiness first is important. That it looks like Geon Woo will distance himself from his brother for the sake of his brother’s happiness is a step in the right direction. I think he is underestimating Lady Diver’s character though.

Jazmine: I’m also shipping Geon Woo, but the Mayor did win major points with me these past episodes. We are also seeing what having feelings for someone can make you do. The Mayor did do a few things out of his character. I think Geon Woo kinda deserves Jung Joo not being able to fully accept that he’s telling the truth. He led her on so much and toyed with her feelings. I’d be apprehensive if I was Jung Joo. I agree with you too Taleena. Geon Woo had a lot of growing up to do and I think he’s doing that now. I don’t like that’s he distancing himself from Resort Oppa. I think it takes more courage to face the problem head on so that kinda bothers me. I also feel Lady Diver will take the news better than Geon Woo’s expecting. She’s suffered for 30 years I think she’ll be able to handle this.

Taleena: The scene where Lady Diver is talking about each decade of the 30 years as a transition point to Resort Oppa makes me think that she has long since made her peace with the injustice of her husband’s death. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who is going to blame a child for his father’s sins - especially when those sins were committed before he was even born. I just want to pause for a minute and say that the actor (whom I always think of as Samchon from Kimchi Family) doesn’t look like either man in the photos? They look more like the Realtor than Long Lost Dad.

Jazmine: Oh my goodness….they do look like the realtor. And for spending 15 years in prison, he (Long Lost Dad) sure did come out okay.

Taleena: We have heard so many conflicting things about this man. He made a huge pile of money as a legit business man, he was a con artist, he seems pretty legit, but everyone talks about him like he is SHADY! Do you think that Realtor Guy would let him give Lady Diver a lot of money if it was ill gotten? I don’t think so.

Jazmine: True….Realtor guy was pretty accepting of him. A lot more than I thought he would be.

Marakeshsparrow: As far as I can see, Long Lost Dad’s two main sins are vehicular manslaughter (kind of a big one…) and loving more than one woman. I’m sure the car accident was just that...an accident so I’m not really sure why he’s being built up as such an awful person. Geon Woo seems to have some more knowledge on his past transgressions, but I really can’t imagine that what he’s done is bad enough for Geon Woo to run away playing noble idiot like this. Though I will give him credit for trying to save his brother’s relationship. Like you said Taleena, it’s a step in the right direction for his character’s growth. But still… WAE??? My new found love of the Geon Woo/Jung Joo ship is in jeopardy with all these obstacles! Its’ sinking! My ship is sinking!

Taleena: People who are still in the process of maturing and understanding a healthy relationship, like Geon Woo, often have a hard time coming to the conclusion that not everyone will respond the way that they would. He is so wrapped up and hampered by his baggage: a philandering dad, a brittle, angry mom, and his determination to just NOT be them, he can’t wrap his mind around the fact that other people may already know how to live outside their own wants and desires. Children, and Geon Woo really has been childish until now, have to come to the realization that mutual self sacrifice is part of a loving give and take. 

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, you're right. Geon Woo really had been like a child up till now. I'm thinking that Jung Joo is going to be the one who helps him mature into a man though. I look forward to seeing his growth and just hope this whole "running away to protect others" thing is over quickly. 

So what did you think about these episodes? Were you as frustrated with Geon Woo's behavior as we were? And what do you think of the Mayor stepping up his game? And just what is the real truth behind Geon Woo's (and Jung Joo's for that matter) family history? I guess we won't know until next week. Share your thoughts with us and meet us back here after episodes 13 & 14 so we can keep up the discussion! 

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