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Everyone has daydreamed about quitting their jobs, giving everything up, and moving to a tropical paradise — but the leads in Jeju Island Gatsby actually manage to make it happen. So, even though it’s only averaging 58 degrees here in Iowa, we’re celebrating the premiere of the Hong Sisters' newest drama by turning our living room into our own island getaway! You can do the same with these top ten Jeju Island Gatsby party ideas! 

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1. Decorate!

What says island living better than tiki décor? Blow up beach balls and dig out some pool gear. Then get ready to sit back and enjoy the show in your own tropical paradise!

2. Play with your food.

We made turkey sandwiches for our premiere party, but in honor of Jeju Island — famous for its delicious seafood — we used cookie cutters to turn our sandwiches into fish. We even added cut up grapes to look like bubbles. (Delicious, healthy, AND adorable!)

3. Spell it out with sides.

Find a tropical fruit for your side dish, and get creative with the way you present it! (You get extra points if you add the DramaFever logo! We used a knife to make ours out of watermelon.)

4. Refresh yourself!

Any party is better if you’re sipping a drink from a coconut! You can also swap out your usual soda or tea with a piña colada mix — easy to find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. You’ll be amazed how quickly an ordinary weeknight can start to feel like a vacation. (And who couldn't use a vacation?)

5. Swap out your seats.

If you really feel like getting into the spirit — swap out your couch for some inflatable pool loungers. They're festive — and surprisingly comfortable! (Honestly, we still have ours in the living room.)

6. Add some local flair!

To pay tribute to the many unique sculptures found on Jeju Island, we added some unusual art to our party. If you don't have any tropical-looking statues lying around, you can search for photos of real Jeju Island sculptures and print them off!

7. Dress the part.

Wear floral prints, or throw on a sarong, and dig out your flip-flops. We also suggest dressing up your drinks with tiny umbrellas. Then sit back with your favorite K-drama friend and pretend you're lying on the white, sandy beaches of Jeju Island!

8. Snack in style!

During the show, snack on popcorn or chips from a plastic sand bucket (remove any actual sand) and use a beach shovel as a spoon.

9. Dig your toes into the sand.

If you're feeling festive, but want to take your viewing outdoors, grab a mobile device and find the closest sandbox! Dig your toes into the sand and enjoy Jeju Island Gatsby with the DramaFever app.

Or, go all out, and find a pool (kiddie or otherwise). Nothing is more relaxing than watching the latest K-drama while relaxing in the water!

10. Make it last!

Set up a tropical station somewhere in your home — and leave it up for the entire series! Set-up is easy: just a little tape and some decorations. If you wake up after your viewing party longing to leave your humdrum life on the mainland and head for the coast, you'll at least have a little piece of paradise to get you through spring, wherever you are!

So – let’s raise a mai tai to the Hong Sisters, and undoubtedly, our next K-drama obsession!

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