Getting ready to savor Hyun Bin's new drama Hyde, Jekyll and I got me thinking what is it about those bad boys? You know, those roles where they are bad, but maybe good, but no, they really are bad. 

pictured: savoring Hyun Bin, erm, Hyun Bin's drama.

Or maybe they start out good, but the signs of Utter Badness have been there all along? I'm not talking about Kim Woo Bin lounging around making fierce eyebrows in a leather coat, just waiting for some sweet girl to soothe his mommy issues:

pictured: fierce eyebrows? check. Leather coat? check. Mommy issues? check.

 I mean BAD. Like...

5) Shin Sung Rok as Kim Do Chi in The King's Face:


pictured: Vestibule of the Bad Guy Zone

When gushy Drama Clubbers refer to you as their "favorite Psycho" even when you are nominally a hero and potential love interest, watch out! When 13 episodes in (uh, spoilers) you start killing your own dudes and making grandiose speeches about power grabs? You have entered Bad Guy Zone.

4) Choi Jin Hyuk as Go Wol Ryung in Gu Family Book:


pictured: how he got those butterflies in the basket.

Oh sure, it's all firefly love caves and baskets full of butterflies in the beginning, but then one little stabbing later, and he turns into a spirit-draining demon. We were WARNED. Sad tales of gumihos mean bad things are going to happen. You don't get a liver-eating reputation just out of nowhere.

3) Yoo Seung Ho as Harry Borrison in I Miss You:

pictured: the fine line between dreamy and crazy in the eyes

If I did a villain list without Seung Ho, a girlfriend of mine would track me down and kill me. The signs of Impending Bad Guy Insanity were there all along; I just didn't want to see them.  He was so patient and understanding with Yoon Eun Hye and got such a raw deal in his kidhood, you really wanted to believe his first dead body was really all a tragic misunderstanding.

2) Yeon Woo Jin as Joo Wal in Arang and the Magistrate:


pictured: the sinking feeling that you've made a Faustian bargain

Joo Wal went from charnal pit creating, demon consorting Joseon Ripper to uh... repentant Grim Reaper? So I guess he's good now? I really want him to be? Please? Maybe once he works off the sin in Korean Purgatory. I was really happy he repented anyway.

1) Joo Won as Lee Kang To


pictured: really good at torture, makes an awesome Piña Colada

AND Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji

pictured: Also good at torture, great Kindergarten teacher

 in Bridal Mask: The show was so insane with the complicated characters and crazy feels that I can barely get a handle on it. These guys both did a Jekyll and Hyde in the same show (in opposite directions), and SO effectively that I would have gotten whiplash if they had done it any faster. 

So Drama Fans, I ask you: What IS it about those bad boys? How can we possibly like them? Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments!