We all have our favorite heroes and villains. Characters we fall in love with or love to hate. This can affect how we feel about the actor who played said character. But what is a poor K-drama lover supposed to do when an amazing actor can play both?

Hyun Bin is not the only actor who trips our buttons playing both evil and good characters like he will in the upcoming series Hyde, Jekyll, and I.  

Here are 7 more actors who won't let us hate them or love them in peace:

1. Bae Soo Bin

Split Bae Soo.png

He just finished playing the chauvinistic pig Jo Eun Cha on The Greatest Marriage. Eun Cha thinks women should be barefoot and pregnant and only speak when spoken to. If he wants your opinion, he’ll give it to you. He’s a sniveling weasel of a character. You won’t be able to decide whether to laugh at the ridiculousness or just tar and feather the guy. However, many of us fell in love with this actor when he played the adorable Park Jun Se in Shining Inheritance. Jun Se was a chef who befriended the spirited, but abandoned Eun Song. He bends over backwards to help find her brother and supports her while she gets back on her feet. This character will give you a serious case of Second Lead Syndrome.

2. Shin Sung Rok

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Yes, he’s getting another mention. Sung Rok chilled our blood playing our favorite psychopath Lee Jae Kyung in My Love From Another Star. Everyone was collateral damage in his eyes, and seeing him smile meant death was not far behind. Usually yours. This character terrified me. His very next drama was Trot Lovers, where he played the flaky but adorable Jo Geun Woo. With an absent minded nature, Geun Woo was kindness itself and never gave up on anyone — even if you tried to murder a rival.

Watch Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok use face reading to place a rightful king on the throne in The King’s Face:

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3. Yang Jin Sung

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Yang Jin Sung had the difficult job of being both the heroine AND the villain in the same drama. In Bride of the Century she played Jang Yi Kyung, a social climber who had no qualms allowing a look-a-like to die in her place to thwart a family curse. She also played the spunky look-a-like Na Doo Rim, who fell in love with the cold and cranky heir and became willing to take on the ghost and her curse. Her expressions and mannerisms for each character are so individual that you weren’t confused on who is who.

4. Jung Suk Won

Split Suk Won.png

He stole our hearts as the dedicated bodyguard in Rooftop Prince. He was also the loving boyfriend in a noona romance in Creating Destiny. However, he was convincing as the cold and calculating Director Jung in Mr. Baek. Trying to steal the company from the rightful owner and steal the girl who he loved, Jung was willing to pull any trick, including seducing the sister of his boss.

5. Chun Ho Jin

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This actor has played it all, from sweet and kind characters such the President in City Hunter or the quiet but loving dad in Smile, You to evil and corrupt characters like the corrupt politician in Doctor Stranger. When he shows up on the screen, you can never be sure what his character will do, but you do know it will be well played.

6.Guo Xue Fu

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Known to most of us by her nickname Puff. She can play nice girls with tough personalities such as sous chef Du Kai Qi in Love Myself or You and office assistant Liang Liang Chen in Just You. I first saw her play the selfish, spoiled princess Vivian Jiang in Miss Rose and hated her on sight. She is just as comfortable staring down her nose in snobby disdain or melting your heart with one of her adorable smiles.

7. Wang Ji Hye

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Most known for her evil roles, she is currently playing the evil fiance in Birth of a Beauty. Yoon Chae Yeon has no problems doing away with her lover’s wife so she can be his new lady. On the other side of the blanket, she can play adorable and sweet, such as her characters in Protect the Boss and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. Her versatility makes it hard to just hate her in peace, and that’s the sign of a good actress.

There are many more actors and actresses who make it hard to love them or hate them completely. Who are some of your favorites?