After filming the first few episodes of Another Oh Hae Young, actress Jun Hye Bin received a pleasant surprise regarding Eric Moon—the handsome actor and singer's personality is very different than what you'd expect in real life! 

While Eric plays a quiet and somber man with hidden scars and a tender heart in the hit drama, in real life, he is quite the jokester! 

In an interview with Arirang TV's Showbiz Korea on May 25, Jun Hye Bin revealed:

"Eric has a distinctively mischievous side. Because he has a humorous side, laughter never leaves the set of the drama. Also, like somebody who seems cold on the outside but is warm on the inside, he pulls pranks with no expression on his face. He struck a weird pose all of a sudden on the stage during the press conference, didn't he? Like that, he does a lot of things that people wouldn't imagine he'd do even though he doesn't look like a funny person, so people get taken aback."

Additionally, Jun Hye Bin revealed what her relationship is like in real life with the actress who plays her rival, Seo Hyun Jin. She said, "We're around the same age. I, Eric, and Seo Hyun Jin debuted around the same time, so we went through a lot of hardships together. In an instant we were like family that knew one another." She continued, "From the viewers' point of view, Seo Hyun Jin and I might not seem like we're on good terms, but in real life, we're on really good terms. It's fun because we play such different characters. Seo Hyun Jin has such a lovable personality that I want to hug her like she's my younger sister."

Her full interview begins at 8:58 and is subbed in English here:

Are you surprised to hear that Eric Moon is a prankster and that Jun Hye Bin and Seo Hyun Jin are quite close in real life?

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