Jeon Ji Hyun and her non-celebrity husband Choi Joon Hyuk were spotted in Rome, Italy by paparazzi fans.

In the picture shared by Jeon Ji Hyun's anonymous fan, Jeon Ji Hyun and her husband Choi Joon Hyuk were spotted in Rome, Italy. Jeon Ji Hyun was holding a selfie stick, taking pictures of her and her husband. A selfie stick, also known as selca bong in Korea, allows people to take great selfies. It's been addressed as the hottest item of the year in Korea.

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun rose to her stardom in 2001 after the romantic comedy movie My Sassy Girl with actor Cha Tae Hyun premiered. This year, she rose to her second stardom after filming the popular drama My Love From Another Star with actor Kim Soo Hyun. Jeon Ji Hyun’s husband Choi Joon Hyuk graduated from Korea University, one of the three top universities in Korea, and works for Bank of America in Seoul, South Korea.

Watch Jeon Ji Hyun's My Love from Another Star:

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