Jeon Ji Hyun recently did a photo shoot for the April issue of Elle Korea, and during her interview, she shared her thoughts on upcoming roles and some of the struggles she had playing her beloved My Love from Another Star character.

Jeon Ji Hyun recently wrapped her latest film, The Assassination, where she plays a top sniper and the leader of the assassination team for a group of freedom fighters. For this film, she teamed up with director Choi Dong Hoon, who also directed her in the crime caper The Thieves.

In the interview with Elle, the talented actress explained that this type of action role is actually easier for her than roles like Cheon Song Yi, her character in My Love from Another Star. "While I was playing Cheon Song Yi, even as there was a consistent enthusiastic vibe from her, I felt a pressure to show a different something by the end. I even felt like I needed to do at least one funny thing per episode," she explained.

She continued, "Acting as someone who is nothing like myself makes me really feel like I’m acting. Of course, it’s not good if the role ends up looking unnatural, but that’s the most comfortable for me." She also said that in spite of the pressure to do well in her upcoming film, she tried to remain calm.

Jeon Ji Hyun concluded by describing her approach to life and aging: "I’ve never once thought that I was special. If you think like that, you’re bound to end up lonely. So I tried not to get caught in those types of mindsets, and the same goes for me now....I’m not afraid of get older and getting wrinkles. It’s possible that I could get to do more things than I am now; it’s something you just don’t know.” 

What a positive, humble perspective! In spite of Jeon Ji Hyun's personal difficulties acting the role of Cheon Song Yi, she did a magnificent job. You can see her starring role in My Love From Another Star below: