Sooner or later, even an idol wants to get married. Jerry Yan was the Lee Min Ho of a decade ago. He rose to fame along with his young co-stars when the 2001 Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden became a sensation all across Asian countries. The drama was the first live-action adaptation of the Hana Yori Dango manga, which would eventually be remade into Boys Over Flowers starring Lee Min Ho.

Meteor Garden: Barbie Hsu, Ken Chu, Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Vic Zhou.

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Caption: "Jerry Yan: I'm getting married. Agency busy putting out fire."

Jerry Yan's love life has been closely followed by the media and fans for many years ever since he became famous. His most famous romance was when he dated top Taiwanese model Lin Chi-Ling, but the romance never resulted in wedding bells. In recent years, he's reportedly been dating a Japanese model, but he's been very low-key about it.

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On September 11, while Yan was filming manga adaptation Lupin III in Japan, he suddenly said during an interview that he was going to get married.

He was asked what changes he wanted to see in his personal life now that he's crossed the 35-year old threshold. (He's actually 37 now.) He said he saw good friends getting married and having children, and it's made him want to marry too. He became good friends with his Meteor Garden leading lady, Barbie Hsu, who married in 2011 and has a baby daughter now. Vanness Wu, one of the F4 boys, also got married in 2013.

Jerry even stressed to the reporter that there will be a surprise and he wanted his fans to come to his fan-meet, implying he would have a surprise announcement. The reporter asked if this information could be published, and he said sure, and again said, "I'm getting married."

This news immediately went viral and led to further curiosity and questions. His agent later said that Jerry was just making a joke. 

Really? Whatever happens, we certainly wish for Jerry to have his "happy ending."

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